Xavi: We want to keep the pressure on Real Madrid
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Xavi: We want to keep the pressure on Real Madrid

In the 12th round of the La Liga match , Barcelona tangled with their opponents on the road until the final stage of the second half before Polish star Lewandowski scored a goal and finally defeated Valencia 1-0.

Barcelona coach Xavi said in an interview after the game, “This is a very important victory, especially at the last minute.”

In the process of facing Valencia, Rafinha picked a pass from the right in stoppage time in the second half, and then Lewandowski ejected from the right corner of the small penalty area and hit the far corner, finally helping Barcelona​ to a 1-0 lore Valencia.

Just last week, Barcelona were knocked out of the Champions League group stage at home by a 3-0 loss to Bayern Munich. Therefore, as the coach Xavi said, it is very important for the team to return to the league and win against Valencia, and Barcelona once ranked first in the standings.

Xavi continued in the interview, “Our confidence has never disappeared, although everyone is still a little anxious in the game. Being eliminated in the Champions League is a huge blow to the team, and we also try to leave it all behind. , but it’s really hard.”

“We didn’t make the best decisions on the pitch, we shot when we had to pass, and passed when we should have shot. It’s all caused by anxiety and stress.”

Girona draws 1-1 with Real Madrid

Xavi also said, “It’s not for me to say it’s a big win, it’s for the team. The team deserved the win because they really put in a lot of effort and got paid in the end. … We want to continue to put pressure on Real Madrid.”

On the other hand, defending champions Real Madrid took the lead in today’s league with Vinicius scoring a goal in the second half, and then Asensio was fouled by handball and allowed the opponent to score a free kick.

In the end, Real Madrid was tied 1-1 by newly-promoted Girona at home and could not take all 3 points. After the game, Real Madrid returned to first place in the standings with 32 points, followed by Barcelona with 31 points.

Source: live.77577.live

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