WOW! LeBron James Overtakes Wilt Chamberlain in NBA History
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WOW! LeBron James Overtakes Wilt Chamberlain in NBA History

LeBron James, star player for the Los Angeles Lakers, has passed Wilt Chamberlain, an NBA legend. Namely being the player with the second most 30 point game in NBA history. Now, LeBron is only 46 times the total number of Michael Jordan. LeBron is also sixth all-time in the NBA for career most assists.
The game took place on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, and the final score was 118-122 in favor of the Boston Celtics. LeBron James scored 33 points during the game. Apart from this, he set a new benchmark in the NBA.
LeBron James surpassed Magic Johnson and moved up to sixth place on the list of most assists. During the game, there was 8 minutes and 41 seconds left in the fourth quarter of the game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

James replied, “Of course, it means a lot to me.”
“It’s hard not to pick up Magic’s playing style because of the way they approach the game. His teammates enjoy playing with him. Because of his enthusiasm for the game as well as his ability to pass the ball. That has always been one of his qualities that I admire the most.” he continued.

LeBron James Skips Wilt Chamberlain

WOW! LeBron James Overtakes Wilt Chamberlain in NBA History

In the list of players with the most career assists in NBA history, James is now sitting in fifth position. Just behind John Stockton (15,806), Jason Kidd (12,091), Chris Paul (11,071), and Steve Nash (10,335) Mark Jackson (10,334).
Throughout his career, LeBron James has been labeled the “playmaker” far more frequently than the nickname “scorer”. Regardless of the situation, LeBron is excellent in both of these areas. Due to the fact that the Lakers are currently going through a dry spell in their game.
Take for example a game where the Lakers were able to come from 20 points down to win against the Celtics. However, despite winning 13 points, they were unable to achieve victory. The Lakers have an 11-16 record in all their games this season, which puts them in last place in the Western Conference standings.
The following is a list of NBA players with the most 30-point appearances in league history:
1. Michael Jordan, 562
2. LeBron James, 516
3. Wilt Chamberlain, with 515 points
4. Karl Malone, with 435 points
5. Kobe Bryant, 431

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