WOW! | here is a Comparison of AFF Cup 2022 Prizes Amount with the Previous Year😦, Not Much Different!
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WOW! | here is a Comparison of AFF Cup 2022 Prizes Amount with the Previous Year😦, Not Much Different!

Are there any changes to the 2022 AFF Cup prizes from the previous year? The main prize for the 2022 AFF Cup winners is three hundred thousand US dollars (Rp. 4.6 billion). While the second winner will bring home 100 thousand dollars (Rp 1.5 billion).

It’s not only the champions and runners up who get the windfall. Teams that advance to the semifinals get an additional bonus of around US$50,000 (Rp. 77.9 million). When compared to the previous year, the number of prizes at the 2022 AFF Cup is not much different.

In the competition between ASEAN countries which took place in Singapore, the organizers offered fantastic prizes. Namely, worth USD 500,000 or the equivalent of approximately IDR 7.7 trillion. At that time, Thailand received a sizable bonus for winning the 2020 AFF Cup. In particular, it reached 46 million baht or the equivalent of approximately Rp. 20.8 billion.

Sponsor Influence

According to a report by Vietnamese media Zing news, 46 million baht was donated by a number of parties. AFF (10 million baht), Somyot Poompanmoung (10 million baht), and Madam Pang, coach, Thai women, 10 million baht (26 million baht). This soccer competition takes place every two years. And sponsors play an important role in determining the prize.

Suzuki will no longer be the main sponsor of the 2022 AFF Cup; instead, Mitsubishi Electric will take over the role. In the realm of sponsorship, there is also a social media platform called TikTok as one of the Official Supporters.

WOW! | here is a Comparison of AFF Cup Prize Amount 2022 with the Previous Year😦, Not Much Different! | 77577sports

Social media platforms are currently experiencing rapid development. Of course broadcasting all the information related to the 2022 AFF Cup. Currently, the 2022 AFF Cup has brought two teams to the semifinals. They are Thailand, who finished first in Group A, and the Indonesian National Team (runner up in Group A).

while today there will be a fight for two places in the semifinals. When facing Myanmar in the final match of Group B, Vietnam has the opportunity to take the top position in the group. Myanmar is their opponent. During this time, Malaysia will compete against Singapore.

AFF Cup 2022 Prizes

US$300,000 will be awarded to the winning team of the 2022 AFF Cup. Meanwhile, the team that finishes second in the 2022 AFF Cup will take home US$100,000 or IDR 1.5 billion in prize money.

After that, teams that do not qualify for the semifinals will receive prizes worth up to US$50,000, which is around Rp.778.6 million. Meanwhile, the two teams that are able to top the final group standings in the preliminary round will not receive prizes. The 2022 AFF Cup prize pool is as follows:

– Winner: 300,000 US dollars (Rp 4.67 billion)

– Runner-up: US$100000 (Rp 1.5 billion)

– Lost in the semifinals: 50,000 US dollars (Rp 778.6 million)


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