World Cup – Qatar loses to Ecuador 0-2 in opener
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World Cup – Qatar loses to Ecuador 0-2 in opener

The 2022 World Cup , a football event that is highly anticipated by fans around the world, finally ushered in the first battle. However, in Group A, Qatar finally lost to Ecuador 0-2, making the unbeaten record of the World Cup’s historical host in the opening game even worse. Hereby declare the end.

Only 3 minutes into the game, the two sides directly entered the state of battle. Ecuador got a free kick in the frontcourt and sent it to the right side of the penalty area. Although the goalkeeper touched the ball when he attacked, he could not clear it too far. Then Felix Torres made a barb cross in the melee in the penalty area, and Valencia took advantage of the momentum to hit the goal with a header. However, under the reminder of the video referee, the referee on duty judged that Preciado was offside, so the goal was invalidated.

In the 10th minute, Ecuador once again got a free kick in the frontcourt, but the ball was cleared by a Qatar​’s player. In the 15th minute, Ecuador counterattacked after getting the ball from the Qatar player. Valencia took the through ball and scored into the penalty area and formed a semi-single-handed goal. However, Valencia was knocked down by Sadra, and then the referee awarded A penalty for Ecuador. In the 16th minute, when Valencia personally took the penalty kick, he successfully pushed past the opponent’s goalkeeper and hit it, helping Ecuador open the scoring 1-0.

In the 29th minute, Felix Torres made a cross from the backcourt to the top of the penalty area and set off a melee, but Ibarra chose a long shot after receiving the ball but it was higher than the post. In the 31st minute, Preciado made a cross from the right side of the penalty area. Estrada immediately responded to the pass. Then Valencia scored with a header from the back, and the ball flew into the net after brushing the goal post. Inside, helping Ecuador continue to lead Qatar 2-0.

Valencia was substituted due to injury

In the 41st minute, Valencia, who had previously contributed 2 goals, was accidentally injured and fell to the ground while grabbing the ball, but continued to play after a short break.

In the 55th minute of the second half, Plata dribbled the ball into the front left side of the penalty area, and after shaking the angle, he took a shot, but the ball was saved by the opponent’s goalkeeper. In the 62nd minute, Abdulkarim found Miguel with a long pass from the left, and then Miguel scored a header into the penalty area but missed the left post.

In the 72nd minute, Ecuador got a free kick on the left side of the penalty area. Muntari, who came off the bench, pushed the ball out of the penalty area with his height advantage. In the 76th minute, Valencia suddenly sat on the ground and pressed his knee, and was then replaced by Cifuentes.

In the 82nd minute, Plata received a through ball from his teammates and then scored on the right side of the penalty area, but the ball was confiscated by the goalkeeper. In the 86th minute, Muntari volleyed after receiving a long pass, but the ball was still higher than the post.

In the end, the host Qatar lost to Ecuador 0-2, unable to get off to a good start.


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