With these tanks you work hard and you will never lose in ranked or peak matches.
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With these tanks you work hard and you will never lose in ranked or peak matches.

With these tanks you work hard and you will never lose in ranked or peak matches.

Assassins and shooters are the main output of the team, and the latter has a mage, so most players have no choice but to grab the output heroes first in order not to be pulled by other teammates and not trust their strength. Without physical attacks, at least there are A mage who hits a spell attack.

The remaining anti-road tanks and auxiliary, the popularity is relatively unsatisfactory, the auxiliary operation is difficult, most female players use, the early tank hero, the role is very simple, is to stand in the front row to resist damage, without any combat effectiveness, if you are not careful teammates Run away, you are abandoned, and you are ready to be beaten by the enemy.

With the change of version, the appearance rate of tank heroes is getting lower and lower. The official knows that they have to make adjustments for them. After the strength is improved, the current version of tank heroes can instantly kill the crispy skin in the back row with a set of skills, and have defensive power. At the same time, the attack power is not low. Their existence is more terrifying than an assassin, and it is worthy of players to practice hard.

Lian Po

The previous Lian Po had a mediocre skill mechanism, but it was later reworked, with extremely strong control ability, flexible displacement, injury-free effect during the skill charge attack, soaring popularity, and became a sought-after tank hero, whether it is against the road or in the auxiliary position, Very good performance.

Take a look at his passive skills, the release skills are in a state of dominance. After Lian Po enters the battle, his fighting spirit will gradually increase. When his normal attacks and skills hit units, his combat will will also increase. The damage reduction effect will increase with the increase of fighting will. 20% damage reduction. When the fighting spirit was full, Lian Po increased his attack speed by 30%, and his fighting spirit gradually decreased after he left the war.

Fly to Doubt Life

After entering the battle, instead of gaining attack speed and injury-free bonuses, his control ability cannot be ignored. With only one or two skills, he can play a continuous knock-up effect. Combined with the large-scale control of his ultimate skills, he will encounter Lian Po. , you have no chance to land at all, plus the high damage, the bullet flew high in the air, and was already killed by the enemy.

Lian Po is known as the “artifact of opening a team”. His mechanism is very suitable for starting a team first, entering the field to control all enemies, and then letting teammates compensate for damage. In team battles or singles, Lian Po’s ability is not lost to assassins or fighters. Blood can turn around and kill at any time.

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