With these tanks you work hard and you will never lose in ranked or peak matches. (two)
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With these tanks you work hard and you will never lose in ranked or peak matches. (two)

With these tanks you work hard and you will never lose in ranked or peak matches. (two)

After Lian Po, there is also Arthur. I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar with this tank . The game icon of Glory of the King is Arthur’s avatar. When each new player joins the game for the first time, he is forced to use Arthur. As an introductory teaching hero. Although it is classified as an entry-level hero, don’t ignore his combat power, the skill mechanism is simple, and the operation difficulty is low, but a set of damage is really disgusting.

Comprehensive mechanism

Unlike other heroes against the road, Arthur has extremely fast movement speed, multi-stage displacement, or continuous control. His mechanism is more comprehensive. One skill increases movement speed by 30%, strengthens basic attack, and silences the target. After being marked will cause additional damage. The second skill is a pure and simple attack skill. It summons three holy shields to surround itself, and targets close to itself will be damaged. The ultimate skill is to leap to the target, inflict 16% of maximum HP spell damage, and knock enemies within the range into the air for 0.5 seconds.

silence for a few seconds

From this, his skill mechanism is not complicated, and it has acceleration, teleportation and control effects. The essence of Arthur is not high damage, but the silence effect of a skill. With full level and equipment, a silence effect can be played in almost a few seconds, making the opponent unable to use skills, and being silenced every two to three seconds. , how can you fight back?

Cheng Yaojin

Cheng Yaojin ‘s popularity has never been lower, and there is no burst damage. The advantage is that it has strong endurance and is ridiculously strong. Like a moving spring, it recovers blood while being attacked. It cannot be killed in a short period of time. The row is extremely threatening, as long as you use displacement skills, get close to the back row, and then frantically use skills and basic attacks to exchange damage for kills.

In the early days, he was not in the back row of Sanction and Nightmare, and there was no way to deal with him. The frequent damage of the shooter, or the damage of the mage’s set of skills, could not suppress his blood recovery ability at all, so there would only be scenes of increasing blood while attacking. Not only that, but Cheng Yaojin’s single-banding ability is extremely strong, and he often faces group fights alone. As a result, he can’t chase down and kill several towers. This time he lost. Want to know which other tank is worth the hard work? Remember to stay with 77577 Sports and track more e-sports information.

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