With these tanks you work hard and you will never lose in ranked or peak matches. (three)
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With these tanks you work hard and you will never lose in ranked or peak matches. (three)

With these tanks you work hard and you will never lose in ranked or peak matches. (three)

Cheng Yaojin ‘s passive skill “Forget Your Life” will increase physical attack by 3 to 7 points for every 1% of life lost. When using skills 1 and 2, it will consume 10% of the current life, and releasing the ultimate skill will consume 16% of the current life. Percent of the current life, and every time the skill is released, 8 percent of the lost life will be restored within 3 seconds.

From this, it can be seen that this passive helps the hero to increase the damage with HP, and restore a certain amount of lost HP in a short time. As long as the consciousness is high, and the HP can be controlled, it can be maintained at about 10%, and his damage is equivalent to three. Breaking the military.

Other heroes with residual blood will turn around and run away, but Cheng Yaojin is getting stronger and stronger. The instinctive reaction of players playing Cheng Yaojin is to attack and use skills, which just increases his attack power. When you think that he is ready for residual blood After dying in Huangquan, he left a big skill that instantly replenished his blood. The blood recovery speed is amazing, which can offset the damage of the enemy. This is the strength of Cheng Yaojin. To fight against him, remember to get out of the nightmare of sanctions early.

Xiahou Dun

The editor thinks that Xiahou Dun should be the most worthy tank to train hard. It is positioned as a tank hero. It is not low in frankness and is suitable for standing in the front row. Fortunately, it has displacement skills, which makes it extremely flexible and can move in a designated direction. It is also reliable to play a control effect with a skill. Displacement and control are perfectly matched, which can interfere with the use of enemy skills, retain enemies, interfere with output rhythm, and even chase after them, especially displacement heroes, who are protected by Xiahou Dun.

The first skill and the ultimate skill can be used together, and they can be switched randomly according to the situation. As for the second skill, it is a life-saving skill. After clicking, a shield with 15% of the maximum health value will be generated, which lasts for 5 seconds, and the next three basic attacks will add 150 True damage for 8 seconds.

Not only that, this passive allows Xiahou Dun to have an excellent ability to restore blood. Once his HP is lower than 50% and he takes damage, each skill use or basic attack will restore 4.5% of his maximum HP for 8 seconds.

Healing, displacement, control, and stamina, Xiahou Dun has these four conditions, and it is no wonder that players say that Xiahou Dun has no nemesis. Everyone hurry up and practice, and quickly climb to the top!

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