Winter World Cup schedule finalized, traditional viewing party forced to cancel
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Winter World Cup schedule finalized, traditional viewing party forced to cancel

With FIFA finalizing the World Cup schedule in Qatar this winter, the traditional large “FanMile” World Cup viewing party held at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate over the years has been forced to cancel.

Recently, the local environmental authority in Berlin issued a statement saying that as the World Cup is held during the peak season of the winter Christmas market, this large World Cup party will affect all traffic in nearby shopping malls and cause inconvenience, and the global new crown virus epidemic problem is also the reason for the suspension of the party one.

Hundreds of thousands of football fans have gathered at this traditional large-scale World Cup spectator carnival party at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate.

Since Germany hosted the World Cup in 2006, as many as 9 million supporters have participated in this grand event, which lasted from the start of the game on June 7 to the end of the game. This carnival for fans lasted for 7 years. It can be seen that the ” Fans’ Mile ” party has become the experience of watching and celebrating German fans in the World Cup, and it is also the longest large-scale party in Germany.

Thousands of German soccer fans wait for the live broadcast of the final match between Germany and Argentina at the soccer World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at a public viewing area near the Brandenburg Gate, in Berlin Sunday July 13, 2014. (AP Photo/dpa, Maja Hitij)

Fans can raise the flag of the team to watch the World Cup in front of the giant screens in 4 areas. There will also be performances and food and beverage supply on the spot, which has become the most anticipated carnival festival for German fans.

However, this year’s host country Qatar is in the sweltering summer in June, and FIFA voted as early as 2015 to postpone the World Cup , which is traditionally held in summer, to winter. will face a shutdown. Although many German fans have expressed their opposition, the Berlin Regional Environment Agency has confirmed that this traditional festival will be cancelled.

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