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Win Big! Conte’s Only Child Matched with Son Heung-Min | 77577Sports

The daughter of the head coach of Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur, Antonio Conte has suddenly become famous among football fans. Conte wants to marry off his only daughter to Tottenham star Son Heung-Min. The name Vittoria Conte, who is currently only 15 years old, immediately became a conversation among Tottenham Hotspur fans.

Tottenham started the season well. Conte’s men managed to gain three wins from four matches and a draw. They got this balanced result when they played with Chelsea. Son Heung-min is Antonio Conte’s star. Where, Song Heung-min often shared the best goal scorer award in the Premier League last season. But this season has been a bitter experience for the South Korean star. In the last win against Nottingham Forest with a score of 2-0, this one star did not score.

However, the former Italian professional footballer ignored the appearance of striker Son Heung-min. Conte kept pushing him to keep scoring goals. The Tottenham coach said that sonny was a very reasonable player. He also added that if I had to find a husband for my daughter, I wanted to be someone like Song Heung-min.

According to the Italian, at this moment maybe Son is suffering so much that he doesn’t score. But he has to continue like this and believe in himself because every game he has chances to score and has to be calm.

“We believe in him and his team-mates. You know very well the importance of this player with Harry Kane and of course he’s a little bit disappointed that he didn’t score but it doesn’t matter. Conte said.

So who is Vittoria Conte? She is the daughter of Antonio Conte and his wife Elisabetta Muscarello. Vittoria Conte often travels with his mother to see his father’s coach. Regarding his wife and Vittoria Conte, in 2012, Antonio Conte said, “I have a great woman by my side, someone who always tries to understand me. As for my daughter, she is another woman in my life. She is beginning to understand that her father nervous when he doesn’t win the game.”

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