Why Are There So Many Empty Seats in the 2022 World Cup Stadium?
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Why Are There So Many Empty Seats in the 2022 World Cup Stadium?

Why Are There So Many Empty Seats in the 2022 World Cup Stadium?

We noticed that there were a significant number of empty seats in the stadium stands during a few of the earlier matches of the 2022 World Cup. Take for instance the Khalifa International Stadium as an example.

The match between England and Iran will take place on November 22 at the Khalifa International Stadium in Abu Dhabi. There were a lot of spectators who were unable to get into the stadium. Because there are technical difficulties with the FIFA Ticketing application, it is currently impossible to access tickets.

Fans wishing to watch the game between the United States and Wales face the same problem. The fact that many people have tickets or invitations to the event. Not even being present at any of the games was the most likely explanation for why the stadium was so empty. For example, in the match between Senegal and the Netherlands. There are at most two empty seats in the two halves of the stadium. Because these seats have the highest ticket prices.

FIFA response

In response to this issue, FIFA advised fans to check their e-mail accounts and look for further instructions. On the other hand, according to a report published in The Guardian, there are some citizens of Qatar who take advantage of the system for purchasing tickets. They used two different FIFA accounts to purchase tickets for more than 20 different matches.

People interested in purchasing match tickets can do so through the official FIFA website. The first option is for residents of Qatar, and the second option is for supporters from other countries. The International Football Federation (FIFA) states on its official website that 2.45 million tickets have been sold.

The “expansion” of stadium Capacity Causes many Empty Seats

Questions regarding the number of spectators are not limited to inquiries regarding vacant seats. It was officially announced that the number of spectators would exceed the capacity of the stadium, and that number was accurate.

As an illustration, there were 41,721 people in attendance at the Al Thumama Stadium. According to the official website, the most that can fit inside of the Al Thumama Stadium at one time is 40,000 people.

Why is it that this can take place? Because there are so many people inside the stadium, shouldn’t it appear to be completely packed?

The number 40,000 is an old number that hasn’t been updated. FIFA modified the number of allowed spectators in each stadium. There has been an increase of more than four thousand seats throughout many stadiums.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino predicted that there would be three million spectators in the various stadiums. It appears that Infantino has equated this target with the number of spectators for the 2018 World Cup. Which is 3,031,768 spectators.

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