When playing Donghuang Taiyi, you should pay attention to these details.
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When playing Donghuang Taiyi, you should pay attention to these details.

When playing Donghuang Taiyi, you should pay attention to these details.

When it comes to support heroes, what’s your favorite type? Soft or hard? Players who like to play support heroes, have you noticed? In fact, there are not many support options left in the canyon, because most of them have been banned by both sides. Among them, the supporters with a high ban rate are Donghuang Taiyi, Dunshan, Yao, and Cai Wenji.

How is the ban rate?

East Huangtai is the first, and the ban rate is getting higher and higher. According to the data on the Internet, this hero has a ban rate of 31.42% in the KPL season, and only 76 appearances. The ban rate of the top game is 81.81%, and the peak game with more than 1350 points ranks first. The ban rate is 89.36%. In all tiers, the ban rate in the roaming position is still the top, reaching 79.10%. It is conceivable that no one wants to let him out.

Invincible how lonely

Invincible is so lonely. The assistant who used to traverse the entire canyon has now been reduced to permanent ice. Will his strength be low? totally not. Although the S26 season is the world of support heroes, all support heroes have been strengthened, their status has been improved, and the scoring system has been optimized, and the number of official adjustments to Donghuang Taiyi has not been many. He is still the public enemy of players, mainly because of mechanism design. too powerful.

Donghuangtai is positioned as a hard support, with high defense power, and the mechanism provides too many advantages for itself in the early stage. At the first level, it can directly break into the enemy’s wild area, grab the wild and grab the buff, the hero’s first skill, three darkness that can be summoned The energy body, surrounding itself, attacks the enemy while recovering blood, and the group fight will only restore more health for him.

The first-level jungler has no combat power, but when he encounters Donghuang, he can’t get close. He can only summon more long-range attack teammates to help output. Within a few minutes of the start, he was forced to form a group.

At the same time, his own assassins have already gone to other jungle areas to get buffs. A support has disrupted the jungler rhythm of the entire game. Unfortunately, he is in a headwind and can only rely on the mid-to-late stage to save money as soon as possible. Dong Huang Taiyi is not only famous for his anti-wild ability, but his ultimate skills are the most terrifying existence. Want to know how to play well or against Taichi? Pay close attention to 77577 Sports , the next article will reveal the details that you should pay attention to when playing Donghuang Taiyi.

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