Warriors 38-year-old Andre Iguodala is about to retire! Kerr: I hope he stays
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Warriors 38-year-old Andre Iguodala is about to retire! Kerr: I hope he stays

Andre Iguodala, 38, who now plays for the Golden State Warriors and has four rings in his NBA career, may well decide to retire from the league after a terrific season last season.

Iguodala spent 18 seasons in the league, playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat and Warriors. He joined the Warriors in 2013 for six seasons, helping the team Won 3 league championships.

It was not until he left the Heat last year that he returned to the Warriors again and helped young players play effectively in the lineup. And Iguodala lived up to his expectations and witnessed the arrival of a fourth championship in his first season with the Warriors again at the end of his career. Compared with spending nearly 20 years in the NBA , he never won a championship. The champion’s 38-year-old Carmelo Anthony and Iguodala, who has 4 championship rings at the moment, have a very successful career in the league.

However, the aged Iguodala can only rely on his qualifications, experience and mentality to inspire and teach young players, and his playing time in the Warriors lineup next season is also very limited. It is expected that the 38-year-old will have a wonderful season last season. The end of it as his best gift before retiring.

It is reported that recently, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and team general manager Bob Myers reached out to Iguodala to make contact work for the retirement decision.

However, Kerr said when talking about Iguodala’s decision to retire, he would respect the veteran’s final decision, but still hope that Iguodala can continue to stay in the Warriors and help young players have a greater role in the team. Prospects.

If Iguodala’s decision to retire is made, then a vacancy will be made in the Warriors’ veteran lineup, and Anthony, who is still waiting for a contract in the free agency market, is likely to be the Warriors’ veteran at that time. candidate.

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