Unique!! These Four Brothers Will Perform on the Qatar 2022 World Cup Stage, Only One of Each Other Enemy
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Unique!! These Four Brothers Will Perform on the Qatar 2022 World Cup Stage, Only One of Each Other Enemy

These Four Brothers Will Perform on the Qatar 2022 World Cup Stage, Only One of Each Other Enemy

List of Brother and Sisters Appearing at the 2022 World Cup. Qatar’s 2022 World Cup is only a few days down. And did you know that in this edition of the 2022 World Cup, four brothers will appear. Uniquely, there are siblings who appear in this event but are on different brigades. Piecemeal from that there’s also

The 2022 World Cup will start in lower than a week. Ahead of the biggest festivity in football this time, there are a few intriguing data that accompany its perpetration. One of them concerns players who have blood relations and can appear together at the 2022 World Cup.

It’s no secret that the World Cup is a dream for all professional footballers. In fact, every player is willing to do anything to be suitable to appear in this event. To appear in this event as an existent is formerly an honor. Especially if you appear in a World Cup- class event with your family.

List of Brothers and Sisters Appearing at the 2022 World Cup

In the 2022 World Cup there are several players who have the status of family and family and get a precious occasion to appear in this event together.

There are at least four dyads of brothers who’ll appear at the 2022 World Cup. Uniquely, there are brothers and sisters who do not play in the same platoon, aka defending different countries. Who are the family and family dyads at the 2022 World Cup? Then is the list.

  1. Eden and Thorgan Hazard


Eden and Thorgan Hazard

The 2022 World Cup is the alternate occasion for the Hazard brothers to perform together. preliminarily they had also appeared in the former edition of the World Cup in Russia. The two players managed to deliver De Rode as third place.

These two players have worked hand in hand to help Belgium in the World Cup since the 2018 edition. Now in the 2022 edition, Eden Hazard and Thorgan Hazard will play together again.

Also, both of them have parallels in the style of play, which relies on speed and ball chops. Both were indeed suitable to bring Belgium to the stylish finish in history, namely third place at the 2018 World Cup.

  1. Lucas and Theo Hernandez
Lucas and Theo Hernandez

The Hernandez brothers have been an important pillar of the French public platoon’s defense in recent times. Lucas Hernandez who defends Bayern Munich, generally occupies the position of right reverse and center back. Of course, he has come a dependence of Didier Deschamps in France.

Meanwhile, Theo Hernandez, who defends AC Milan, generally operates as a left back. The 2022 World Cup will also be its first World Cup.

Collective Hostility

  1. Inaki and Nico Williams

Unlike the 3 former siblings, the Williams brothers can’t appear with the same banner at the 2022 World Cup. This is because Nico Williams is presently defending the Spanish National Team while his aged family, Inaki Williams, is defending the Ghana National Team.

Inaki Williams could have actually defended Spain. But the lack of calls to the public platoon made him cross and defend Ghana for the 2022 World Cup. Indeed, though they’re both forwards, their positions are different. Nico is a nimble winger while Inaki is a pure number 9 striker.

  1. Jordan and André Ayew
Jordan and André Ayew

Not only will it take advantage of the figure of Inaki Williams, but Ghana’s attack line will also calculate on a brace of brothers, namely Jordan Ayew and Andre Ayew.

The brothers, who are only one time piecemeal, both play as bushwhackers. It isn’t surprising that the two of them will be played together in The Black Stars’ attack line.


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