Understand the Feeling of being unable to play due to injury Van Dijk sent a message to comfort Mane
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Understand the Feeling of being unable to play due to injury Van Dijk sent a message to comfort Mane

Senegal star Sadio Mane will miss the opening World Cup group game against the Netherlands as he faces a leg injury. Mane’s former teammate Liverpool star Van Dijk sent messages and comforted him after learning that Mane would miss the first game.

In fact, Van Dijk also missed the 2020 European Cup due to injury, so he can definitely understand Mane’s mood and feel sad for Mane and his World Cup dream.

Van Dijk said in an interview that he can understand Mane​ ‘s mood. “Of course I spoke to him and I feel very sad for him. I’m not happy in this situation, because I went through the same situation and missed the Euros.”

“As players, we have worked hard to get to this point. Mane is a very important figure to his country and team.”

“Mane will face it bravely”

Van Dijk continued, “I know that Mane will face all of this bravely, but it will be difficult. Although he can’t play, I still think they are still a very good team. We will fight for them and the game. Get ready, and this game is going to be tough.”

In addition, Van Dijk is also very happy about his first participation in the World Cup at the age of 31, and also said that after missing the European Cup in 2020, this game has become even more different. “I’m 31, so I’m going to try to enjoy it as much as I can. Maybe it’s better for me to go through it all, we have a great team, so I’m excited about the game.”

“I don’t think our team is as young as everyone thinks, but we are a good combination, we also have players from the biggest club in the world. I am a confident captain. With our strength, we Definitely can do the best but at the moment all people think about is the game against Senegal.”

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