Ukrainian star Tymoshchuk banned from entering Ukraine
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Ukrainian star Tymoshchuk banned from entering Ukraine

The President of Ukraine issued a presidential decree sanctioning 119 actors, singers, sports stars and others. Among them is Ukrainian football star Anatoly Tymoshchuk , who calls them “propagandists” for Russia.

Timoshchuk is currently the coach of the Russian Premier League club Zenit St. Petersburg. Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Timoshchuk has not made any public statement and continues to serve as the coach of Zenit St. Petersburg, so it has Stripped of his Ukrainian coaching license by the Ukrainian Football Federation.

From 2000 to 2016, Tymoshchuk played 144 games on behalf of Ukraine and won the Ukrainian Footballer of the Year 3 times, but because he did not oppose Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, all his titles will also be regained .

There are a total of 9 sanctions against Tymoshchuk:

1. Asset freezing, including bank accounts, land, property, etc.

2. Complete ban on trade experience.

3. Restriction of entry into the territory of Ukraine.

4. To prevent withdrawal of funds from Ukraine.

5. Approves its economic and financial business.

6. Suspension of license.

7. Foreign residents are prohibited from renting state property directly or for their benefit.

8. Prohibition or restriction of entry into Ukrainian territorial waters and ports from foreign non-military ships or warships, prohibition of entry into Ukrainian airspace by aircraft flights or landing on Ukrainian soil.

9. Trading in securities is prohibited.

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