UEFA Nations League – Lewandowski assisted Poland to beat Wales 1-0
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UEFA Nations League – Lewandowski assisted Poland to beat Wales 1-0

In the 2022/23 season, a relegation battle started in the sixth round of Group D of the UEFA Nations League . Poland, who was playing away from home, scored a goal with Barcelona star Lewandowski assisting Svidski, and won 1-0 with Bale Wales to help.

In addition, Wales has also entered the World Cup main game again since 1958, but the team suffered a defeat in the last official game before the start of the Qatar World Cup. And Wales is also the first time since June 2017 that they have suffered five games without a win. Therefore, before the World Cup begins, the players’ basic competitive mentality must be improved in order to compete with other powerful enemies.

Although Barcelona star Lewandowski did not score a goal in this game, in the 57th minute of the game, Lewandowski sent a wonderful pass, allowing Svidski to push in the bottom right corner of the penalty area. Scored to help Poland win 1-0.

And Poland has also successfully made the World Cup with a victory, when Poland will face Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Mexico in the group competition.

Although Wales tried to create a threat, the performance of the attacking third area was not satisfactory, and he still could not escape the doom of being relegated.

On the other hand, two seats have been confirmed for the Europa League semi-finals. Croatia in Group A and the Netherlands in Group D will get the tickets to advance, while Portugal and Spain in Group B, Hungary and Italy in Group C will stage a focus war the other two seats.

In addition, since Portugal and Hungary are ranked first in their respective group standings with 10 points, and Spain and Italy have 8 points, Portugal and Hungary only need to draw each other in the final round to succeed. Advance to the semi-finals.

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