UEFA club-level competitions to be integrated into Football Manager..
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UEFA club-level competitions to be integrated into Football Manager..

UEFA announced on its official website on Tuesday that the organization has authorized the football management simulation game, Football Manager (commonly known as FM) to integrate UEFA’s club-level football competition into this game from the 2023 edition onwards.

The statement stated that in order to allow players and fans to be more engaged in the experience of running a football club in person, UEFA agreed to integrate its club-level football competitions, namely the Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League and UEFA Super Cup into the Football Manager franchise. The competitions’ format system and elements will be integrated into the game, so that players and fans can have the experience of being on-site and managing their favourite clubs in European competitions personally. The new gameplay feature of this European club competitions will be announced later through the official website of Football Manager and its official social platform.

UEFA also wrote in a statement that while elements and modes of women’s football will not appear in Football Manager 2023, when they begin to be incorporated into future versions of the game, UEFA will also authorize them to integrate the Women’s Champions League integrated into the game.

In addition, according to the official website of Football Manager, the series’ latest entry, Football Manager 2023 will be officially released worldwide on November 9, in addition to the existing PC and MAC versions, mobile version, and XBOX  versions, this game will be also released on PS5 for the first time in history.

Players can now go to Steam, Epic Games, PS Store, Microsoft Store, official SEGA authorized resellers and any authorized digital reselling platform, or subsribe to XBOX Game Pass to pre-order Football Manager 2023, from now until November 8, those who pre-order on the 8th will receive a 20% discount.

Football Manager is a football simulation management game produced by Sports Interactive and published by Japan’s SEGA. Like EA’s FIFA and Konami’s eFootball, formerly known as Pro Evolution Soccer, Football Manager is also a game that is specially updated and released every year, but compared to the aforementioned two games, Football Manager has thousands of real scouts sent around the world, every professional and amateur league player is carefully observed everywhere, and data is compiled from their performance over long periods of time to simulate how much each player can achieve in his career. For this alone, Football Manager has surpassed any club in the world in terms of scouting resources.

Today, more than 100 big and small clubs around the world have begun to know how to use the database in Football Manager as a tool to aid them in their transfer plans. Apart from West Ham United manager David Moyes, Arsenal were also noted to have discovered Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli through this game before they really signed the two in the real world. The coach of a small club in Belgium once revealed that he learned and improved his coaching and tactical knowledge by playing Football Manager, which shows how deep the game’s influence is.

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