UEFA Champions League – Sterling’s achievements Chelsea 1-1 draw by Red Bull Salzburg
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UEFA Champions League – Sterling’s achievements Chelsea 1-1 draw by Red Bull Salzburg

The 2022/23 UEFA Champions League Group E kicked off the second round of the competition. Chelsea, who was at home, opened the scoring with Sterling and was finally tied 1-1 by Austria’s Salzburg Red Bull, making Chelsea’s new coach Po Unable to win.

4 minutes into the campaign, Havertz blocked a low shot from the top of the arc, but Aubameyang followed up with a supplementary shot but kicked it away. In the 10th minute, Cucurella opened the goal with a set ball, and Azpilicueta hit the opponent’s defender with a header.

In the 23rd minute, Reese James sent an oblique plug to the penalty area, and Aubameyang’s attack was blocked. In the 40th minute, Cucurella made a cross from the bottom and was cleared by the opposing player. Mount followed up at the top of the arc and attempted a long shot, and the ball went slightly past the goal post. In stoppage time in the first half, Kovacic hit the defender Bernardo with a header from the penalty area, but the referee on duty did not give any indication.

The second half only started to the 48th minute. Chelsea launched a quick attack from the frontcourt. Mount made a low cross from the right flank. Sterling received the ball from the left side of the penalty area and hit the far corner to help Chelsea lead 1-0. salzburg. In the 55th minute, Azpilicueta made a long pass from the backcourt to the goal. Aubameyang had a bit of space to stop the ball at the first point, but was blocked by the opposing defensive player when adjusting the attack.

In the 65th minute, Reese James made an inverted triangle diagonal pass to the frontcourt. Jorginho received the ball and then picked it to the penalty area. Havertz volleyed the goal when he followed up, but the ball was confiscated by the opponent’s goalkeeper. In the 75th minute, Salzburg counterattacked from the right. Thiago Silva made a mistake in defense, allowing the opponent to seize the opportunity to form a single-handed attack into the penalty area. Then Okafor took the ball and successfully pushed the goal. , allowing Salzburg to equalize 1-1.

In the 82nd minute, Broja crossed to the goal on the right, but Ziyech was blocked by the opponent’s goalkeeper in the penalty area. In the stoppage time of the second half, Gallagher hoisted a cross from the right to the goal to cause a melee. Broja shot directly in the chaos, but the ball went past the goal post, causing Chelsea to miss a great opportunity for a lore.

In the end, Chelsea won a 1-1 draw with Salzburg Red Bull at home and ranked 4th in the Champions League group standings with 1 point.

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