UEFA Champions League – Dzeko’s pass and meritorious deeds, Inter Milan beat Plzeň 2-0 to win
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UEFA Champions League – Dzeko’s pass and meritorious deeds, Inter Milan beat Plzeň 2-0 to win

The 2022/23 UEFA Champions League Group C staged the second round of the match. After the away Serie A giants Inter Milan relied on the goals contributed by Dzeko and Dumfries, they finally defeated Czech Plzeň 2-0.

In the first 5 minutes of this campaign, Bilsen’s victory attacked from the left. Mosquera turned around in the penalty area and attacked the goal but missed. In the 8th minute, Brozovic broke through and tried to shoot outside the penalty area, which was blocked by the opponent’s defender. In the 14th minute, Dumfries got a free kick for Inter Milan . Brozovic chose to shoot directly and was blocked by the wall.

In the 19th minute, after Correa passed the ball, Dzeko pushed the goal from a small angle in the penalty area and helped Inter Milan take the lead 1-0. In the 35th minute, Correa took a left-footed shot after cutting inside and was confiscated by the opponent’s goalkeeper. In the 44th minute of the battle, Inter Milan reacted and attacked again. After Dzeko ‘s attack was saved, Mkhitaryan also tried to shoot but was still blocked by the defender.

At the beginning of the second half, Inter Milan took a free kick. After Dzeko’s header was saved by the opponent’s goalkeeper, Skriniar’s supplementary shot was also resolved.

In the 61st minute of the battle, Buha fiercely brought down Barrera during a tackle. After the intervention of VAR, the referee on duty showed Buha a red card, which led to the Plzeň and the whole game with 10 people. 

In the 70th minute, Dzeko passed the ball, and Dumfries stably shot the ball into the far corner after receiving the ball, helping Inter Milan expand their lead 2-0. In the 80th minute, Bilsen won a free kick, Bassi made a threat with a header, but Onana saved the ball bravely.

In the end, Inter Milan defeated their opponents 2-0 and also won their first victory in the Champions League this season.

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