Two mistakes caused England to lose the ball Maguire was criticized by fans again
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Two mistakes caused England to lose the ball Maguire was criticized by fans again

The “Three Lions” England drew 3-3 with Germany in the sixth round of the UEFA Nations League A3 group in the 2022/23 season, and thus lost six rounds without victory. Of the three goals conceded in England in this campaign, two are directly related to Maguire.

Since the beginning of this season, Maguire has gradually lost his main position in the Premier League giants Manchester United, but England coach Gareth Southgate still voiced his support for Maguire earlier. In the last round of the UEFA Nations League match against Italy, Maguire, who started the game, did not give a dazzling performance to respond to the voices questioning him.

Therefore, in the past few days, many people have suggested that Maguire should be removed from the starting lineup, but before the start of the England home game against Germany, when the announcer read Maguire’s name, the fans booed Maguire on the spot. It can be seen that fans are also very dissatisfied with Southgate’s decision.

When the game went to the 51st minute of the second half, Maguire couldn’t calmly keep the ball after getting the ball from the backcourt and was stole by Muciara. Later, he brought down Muciara when defending in the penalty area, resulting in a penalty for Germany. After that, Gundogan made a penalty and left England behind 0-1, so Maguire did not escape the responsibility for this loss.

Maguire apologizes on social media

In the 66th minute, England attacked from the frontcourt, Maguire took the pass from the left but was pressed by the opponent, and then lost the ball again, allowing Germany’s Havertz to score the world wave. Although England relied on Luke Shaw, Mount and Kane to score 3 goals, the fans saw a glimmer of hope, but in the 87th minute, Havertz scored another goal, and the final 3-3 score was maintained until the game. Finish.

According to statistics, Maguire lost the ball 12 times in the whole game, and was awarded a free throw, and was also scored a low score of 6.4.

After the game, Maguire apologized on his personal social media. He said that mistakes were part of the game and praised the spirit of his teammates for allowing the team to regain the feeling of the game. Maguire also encouraged looking forward to the World Cup with a positive mindset, and that the team emerges stronger after a difficult time.

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