Tragic Defeat to Japan, Indonesian Futsal National Team Failed to reach the Semifinals of the 2022 Futsal Asian Cup
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Tragic Defeat to Japan, Indonesian Futsal National Team Failed to reach the Semifinals of the 2022 Futsal Asian Cup

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The Indonesian futsal National Team failed to enter the semifinals of the 2022 Asian Cup. Japan succeeded in overthrowing the Red- White Team with a score of 3- 2. Indonesia’s quarter-final match against Japan took place at Saad Al Abdullah Hall, Kuwait City, Tuesday (4/10/2022) night WIB. In the first half, both brigades got a 0- 0 draw.

Indonesia was suitable to steal a 1- 0 advantage first when the alternate half had just been running in seconds. Semuel EKo managed to give a hot counterattack. also, Japan went crazy after conceding and forced Indonesia to last longer. Sora Kanazawa managed to tear down the defense of Mohammad Hashemzadeh’s men with eight twinkles remaining.

The thing made Japan feel to have the upper hand and Indonesia depressed. Japan in a short time was suitable to make the situation 2- 1 through Soma Mizutani’s thing. Left before 2- 1, the Indonesian National Team decided to do a power play game scheme. But unfortunately this tactic boomeranged for the Garuda team.

Through acounter-attack scheme, Higor Pires saw the position of the Indonesian goalkeeper who was too advanced. He fired a shot that went into the Indonesian thing. The score changed to 3- 1 for Japan’s advantage.

Although in a position behind two pretensions, Indonesia didn’t give up. lower than 1 nanosecond before the end of the alternate half, the Indonesian National Team managed to reduce the position after Dewa Rizky Amanda successfully hit the ball from a corner kick.

Indonesian sympathizers cheered after Rio Pangestu’s shot made it into the Japanese thing. But unfortunately the thing wasn’t approved because right before Rio scored, the time was over, so Indonesia lost 2- 3 to Japan.

Asian Futsal Cup 2022 Japan triumphs, Indonesia Makes History

The 2022 Futsal Asian Cup will take place in Kuwait where there are 16 brigades contending, one of which is Indonesia. Japan’s match against Iran came the final match. Where just finished beforehand this morning, Sunday (9/10/2022).

Eventually, the Japanese delay for 7 times paid off. Japan won the title after beating Iran 3- 2. This is Japan’s 4th title during the Asian Futsal Cup. The 2022 Futsal Asian Cup is also special for Indonesia. Indonesia for the first time made history by qualifying for the round of 8.

Skuad Garuda finished in 2nd place in Group C. Indonesia was under Iran who performed impeccably in the group stage. Unfortunately, Indonesia’s way ran aground in the big 8 round. Indonesia lost dramatically to Japan 2- 3.

Despite the defeat, Mohammad Hashemzadeh’s colors entered important praise. The appearance of Syauqi Saud cs was veritably intriguing and worrisome for the Japanese futsal titans.


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