Tours president Jean-Marc Ettori says he was not surprised at Matthias turning against Paul and also alleged that the Pogba brothers’ mother Yeo was the mastermind behind the extortion scandal..
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Tours president Jean-Marc Ettori says he was not surprised at Matthias turning against Paul and also alleged that the Pogba brothers’ mother Yeo was the mastermind behind the extortion scandal..

Mathias Pogba‘s former club, Tours president, Jean-Marc Ettori, said he was not at all surprised that the player turned against his superstar younger brother Paul, and he also made a surprising statement by pointing out that the mastermind behind the extortion case of the latter is their biological mother, Yeo Pogba.

Ettori also broke the news that although the club signed Mathias in 2018, however, Mathias was actually not in the club’s signing plan at all. 

Ettori pointed out in an interview with French morning newspaper Le Figaro

Ettori explained that Paul himself, along with his agent at the time, Gaël Mahé, and Yeo, were the ones who offered the club to sign Mathias. He said Paul promied to bear all the wages and expenses for his brother in while the latter is playing Tours, and he would also volunteer to play in a friendly match for Tours, as well as coming to the stadium to watch his brother play twice personally in order to potentially increase Tour’s attendance and income, hence the club signed Mathias without any hesitation.

After Mathias joined the club, he only played 5 times, scoring only goals in Tours‘ third-tier campaign duing the 2018/19 season. However, when he left the club the following year, the club had not receive the €80,000 Paul promised to pay to the club. Subsequently, due to the club’s weak financial power, Ettori said that he was forced to give up on the idea of going to the Swiss court against Paul for Mathias’ breach of contractual terms.

Likewise, Jean-Marc Ettori said that he is not at all surprised by the Pogba brothers accusing each other as the initiator of the extortion scandal, acting cowardly, as well as allegedly cursing Paris Saint-Germain and France international striker Kylian Mbappé, as he feels “the mastermind behind everything is the brothers’ mother, Yeo Pogba who always likes to seize on the opportunity to control everything and make a huge fuss out of things anyway.”

The scandal of the Pogba brothers fighting each other and accusing each other has recently been spread across France and shocked fans around the world.

On August 27, local time, Mathias posted a video on social media, breaking the news that his brother Paul charged a lot of money to invite a witch doctor to curse on Mbappé, and pointed out that his younger brother Paul Pogba was a coward who distorted the facts. Later, Paul’s camp denied Matthias’ statement the following day, while accusing the former of attempting to extortionate him for €13 million along with his childhood friend.

Paul told police he visited his family during friendly matches while representing France on March 25 and 29, only to be threatened by a gang of masked men armed with assault rifles. They accused Paul of not giving financial assistance to relatives and friends after he became famous, and demanded €13 million from the new Juventus​ player on the grounds of “carefully protecting him for 13 years”. Although Paul initially resolutely refused to comply, in the end he was forced to pay €100,000 in order to avoid others being implicated.

In addition, Paul also claimed to the police that he thought that returning to the Bianconeri would save him from being blackmailed, but it backfired. In July of this year, the two sides faced off at the Serie A giants’ training base in Turin. Pogba decided to call the police, as he was shocked to find that one of the gang member who tried to extortionate him was his own brother Mathias.

On his brother’s accusation, Paul firmly denied the matter, saying that he had no intention of cursing on his national team teammate Mbappé, and the wizard was solely invited for the sake of his own health.

According to Italian and French media reports, prosecutors in Paris and Turin have launched an investigation into the alleged organized, long-term threatening and extortion of Paul Pogba by Mathias and others. Yeo Pogba, Paul’s current agent Rafaela Pimenta and a security guard of the French national team will be summoned by the police for interrogation as witnesses.


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