This is the reason behind the Portuguese coach reserving Cristiano Ronaldo, because of problems?
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This is the reason behind the Portuguese coach reserving Cristiano Ronaldo, because of problems?

In the Portugal vs Switzerland match, the Portuguese coach substituted Cristiano Ronaldo. Instead of winning. This is the first time the player with number 7 has sat on the bench since participating in the World Cup.
The decision to reserve Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal’s match against Switzerland was purely a tactical one. According to Portugal coach Fernando Santos, and not because of CR7’s behavior, as mentioned in the previous sentence.
As Portugal advanced to the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup by beating Switzerland 6-1, Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to watch most of the match from the sidelines. As a result of his bad behavior during their last match against South Korea, he was sent to the bench.
According to Fernando Santos, the decision was taken purely based on tactical considerations. While his position was replaced by Goncalo Ramos who finally scored a historic hat trick.
“It is something that has been done and resolved, and Ronaldo has no animosity towards other players due to disciplinary factors.” Says Fernando Santos
“It is very important to review the past achievements of players. Ronaldo is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world,” he continued from there

The reason the Portuguese coach reserves Ronaldo

Ronaldo showed an emotional display earlier when he played a match against South Korea. He was arguing with Cho Gue Sung when they pulled him out. But Santos said the decision he made was not based on Ronaldo’s behavior. Santos then explained his reasons for choosing Goncalo Ramos instead of Ronaldo in the match against Switzerland.
“I’ve explained it [the circumstances surrounding Ronaldo’s placement on the bench]. And I’m not going to explain it again.”

“They [Ramos and Ronaldo] are different players. It’s pure game strategy, and every player is unique. I also played the role of Diogo Dalot and Raphael Guerreiro. However, Cancelo was an extraordinary player in his career. To win this game against Switzerland , I believe we need to have it.” explained Fernando Santos.
The head coach of the Portuguese team also stated that his choice was purely tactical.
“Ronaldo, who is the captain of the national team, and Fernando Santos have no problems with each other. Since we first met, we have shared many good times together. Players take turns making choices. It doesn’t impact us at all. I explained to him that the task at hand was completed in its entirety. And he served as a model for an outstanding captain.” he added
 Portuguese coach reserves Cristiano Ronaldo, here's why!
Cristiano Ronaldo
When Portugal lost 2-1 to South Korea on the final matchday of the group stage, Ronaldo gave the impression that he was frustrated. The bad attitude of the player who is now 37 years old is always brought up in conversation. Especially after he left his position at Manchester United.

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