The upset defeat does not affect the achievements Pioli renews the contract and then takes the AC Milan
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The upset defeat does not affect the achievements Pioli renews the contract and then takes the AC Milan

Even yesterday, under the leadership of coach Stefano Pioli, AC Milan lost to Turin, the relegation team, in the 12th round of Serie A, and lost its hope of winning the championship with Naples, the top of Serie A. However, the merits outweighed the demerits, and Pioli’s coaching achievements were more prominent, so the team decided to renew the contract for 2 seasons.

However, the coach with more than 20 years of coaching experience faced the crisis of being unable to boost AC Milan as early as 2020 and was on the verge of dismissal. At that time, he was almost fired after only a few months in office and was replaced by former Bundesliga RB Leipzig coach Ralph Rangnick, but AC Milan finally chose to leave him to observe the results after in-depth discussions with Pioli.

Pioli also proved his ability last season, leading AC Milan to easily defeat Sassuolo in Serie A and win the Serie A championship. This is the team’s second championship after 11 years, which is of great significance. Pioli, who has never won any awards in his coaching career, was also selected as the best coach of the year in Serie A by virtue of his own strength.

Although Pioli missed the opportunity to compete for the top spot in Serie A in yesterday’s game, under his leadership, the team has reached the top 3 in Serie A this season, and it has contributed to the championship last season and the top record this season. With Pioli’s contract coming to an end at the end of this season, AC Milan announced today that it will renew his contract until the end of the season in June 2025.

AC Milan is currently 3rd in Serie A after losing to Torino yesterday, 6 points behind top-ranked Naples. It is worth noting that Pioli also needs to win the Champions League sixth round group stage at home against the Austrian Super League Salzburg Red Bull on Thursday to avoid being eliminated from the Champions League.


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