The skin of the competition year is not the cool Pangu, but the cute new clothes of Mengqi.
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The skin of the competition year is not the cool Pangu, but the cute new clothes of Mengqi.

The skin of the competition year is not the cool Pangu, but the cute new clothes of Mengqi.

King of Glory has officially entered a new season. After the game is updated, all the skins are ready to be released. Did you save enough four king marks in the last competition year? If you succeed in scoring points in all four seasons, congratulations on waiting for the season-year skin. You don’t have to work hard to get to the 10-star glory of the king, and then reach a certain peak game score. You can only get it by charging in this way to meet the requirements. skin.

As for the S30 season skin, the way to obtain it is relatively simple. You only need to play a certain number of qualifying matches and upgrade the experience value. Is the guessed skin from last season selected? I remember that in the S29 season, everyone was talking about it, saying that the most likely skin for the season was given to Pangu. The skin design and style are like Fengyi Zhizhao or Evernight Changan. Who knows that after the season change, Pangu was not on the list at all, and there is nothing cool or idol For the skin, Meng Qi likes to mention new clothes.

Fat Darongrong

How long have you not seen Meng Qi ‘s new skin? For the previous one, the player’s deepest impression is still on the legendary skin “Fat Da Rongrong”, a small animal with a dreamy purple complexion, transformed into a panda image of a master of Sichuan opera, with special effects of various Sichuan elements. The performance is as slow as a mountain in the city, the voice is cute and cute, the sound effect restores the drumbeat of Sichuan opera, and the design style seems to be one of the Spring Festival skins.

New year play fun skin

A companion skin, a legendary skin, perhaps the design of the skin is difficult, since then I have never seen the plan to include Meng Qi in the skin plan. It was originally planned secretly. The S30 season brought surprises to players. The protagonist is Mengqi, named Wanqu, which is a childhood series skin that evokes good memories. It is the same type as Agudo’s “Wanqu” epic skin. He loves rainy days, and loves Chuji after the rain even more. The skill special effects of blowing bubbles and windmills can be heard in the voice. Mengqi is enjoying the wonderful adventure with his partners in the rain. The sound effects are full of dreamy bubbles.

Exclusive skin for star members

The mechanics of the two heroes both have animals to accompany them in battle, and the same style is a matter of course, but I never thought that the official decision to position Mengqi’s epic as the skin of the season, there are many surprises, Mengqi not only adds a skin, star members add benefits, consumption When you upgrade to a certain level, you will automatically get Mengqi’s “Heavenly Lucky Star” skin. The special effects of the skills are full of lucky stars and blessing characters. It seems that Tianmei is preparing to create momentum for the Spring Festival skin.


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