The Secret Behind the Change of the Brooklyn Nets, From Failure to Excellence
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The Secret Behind the Change of the Brooklyn Nets, From Failure to Excellence

Right now, the Brooklyn Nets are the NBA’s hottest team. They had won 10 games in a row prior to a narrow win over the Atlanta Hawks. The Nets organization haven’t gone on a 10 game winning streak since 2006, so this is a historic milestone. as long as they were known as the New Jersey Nets.

There’s no mistake Jacue Vaughn is the star of this stylish series. Since replacing Steve Nash, who left the Nets on November 1. From falling apart to being one of the favorites, Vaughn was able to transform this team.

Actually won in his last game for the Nets. The Indiana Pacers were beaten by them 116-109. Although it has been seven matches, it was the second victory. Therefore, Nash left the Nets with a (2-5) record.

The Brooklyn Nets win-loss record puts them in second place in the Eastern Conference as of Thursday (29/12). Vaughn guided the Nets to an overall record of 21 wins and 7 losses. Since Vaughn took over as Nash’s official successor, this is the league’s best winning streak.

The Secret Behind the Changes of the Brooklyn Nets

In general, Vaughn’s role for this team has not changed much. I believe that the mentality of the players when they play is one of the most significant changes. All Nets players displayed a more relaxed but serious attitude under Vaughn.

On the other hand, Vaughn also succeeded in making the supporting cast of their three All-Star players as effective as possible. The names that are often mentioned together with Kyrie, KD, and Ben are Royce O’Neale and Nic Claxton.

While the Nets won 8 games, this player’s total composition dropped by a total in those 10 games. After much thought, Vaughn created Ed Sumner when Kyrie and Ben were both injured at the same time.

Since Vaughn led a total of 12 games, this lineup is actually the group that has failed the most. What is Vaughn’s view of the two supporting characters, O’Neale and Claxton? The presence of the two allows the Nets team to respond to changes on the field.

O’Neal and Claxton

The Secret Behind the Change of the Brooklyn Nets, From Failure to Excellence

Nash initially seemed unsure how to get O’Neale on the court during the season. Vaughn’s perimeter defense, however, was led by O’Neale. He will usually immediately put up the best guard from the opponent.

O’Neale is also useful on offense, which is more fun. O’Neale was unrestricted in his search for open space within three points as the opposition concentrated on Kyrie and KD. One of the deadliest catch-and-shoot threats this season is O’Neale, who averages 42 percent accuracy. Throughout his career, this accuracy is also the best.

Claxton plays different roles based on his position and playing style. He served as ring guard and was the Nets’ primary rebounder. He averaged 2.4 blocks per game, which ranked him second in the NBA. Compared to Claxton, Brook Lopez is the only other player with more blocks.

Claxton is actually a standard flashlight. He’s not great at shooting long range and doesn’t carry the ball very much. But Claxton is a surprisingly agile player for a man of his size. Besides having a long reach, Claxton is able to cover the entire paint area.

The ideal pick-and-roll partner for Kyrie, Ben and KD on the offensive end is Claxton. In fact, this season he also started shooting more boldly in midfield. He set a career high with a score of 11.9.

Yuta Watanabe and Joe Harris

Joe Harris | Brooklyn Nets |

I also want to show respect to Yuta Watanabe and Joe Harris in addition to those two players. Additionally, the two frequently stepped in for O’Neale when he was having trouble on offense. These two names are often chosen, even without the presence of Kyrie, Ben or KD.

The main benefit that both provide is trippoint accuracy. Yuta’s accuracy reaches 52 percent of 3.0 three points per game. Meanwhile, Harris’ accuracy reached 38 percent of 5.0 tripoins per game.

When the team is on defense, Harris is responsible for protecting the best defense the opponent has. Meanwhile, Yuta is more adaptive. The Brooklyn Nets were able to move from first to fourth thanks to Yuta, despite the fact that he doesn’t have solid skills. In addition, Yuta has a strong defensive instinct that makes it difficult for his opponent to complete his attacks.

T.J. Warrens

The Secret Behind the Change of the Brooklyn Nets, From Failure to Excellence

T.J. Warrens is another candidate who has the potential to play an important and unexpected role. Due to his long absence due to injury, TJ was often forgotten. In addition, he has only appeared 11 times this season. On December 2, he made his first appearance after missing the first two months of the campaign completely.

Since his debut in the NBA in 2014-2015, the only season in which he did not score at least ten points. Even scarier was the fact that he had never had a shot efficiency (eFG%) lower than 50%.

T.J. could become an invaluable rotational player for the Nets if his physical condition continues to improve and is not further injured. In addition, he has acceptable survival skills. TJ will emerge as a surprising asset for the Nets next season.


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