The ranks go up and down, or consider these few mages who are worth training hard. (two)
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The ranks go up and down, or consider these few mages who are worth training hard. (two)

The ranks go up and down, or consider these few mages who are worth training hard. (two)

For players who like flexible mechanisms, Shiranui Dance Club is your best choice. A mage with well-trained displacement, a series of control and damage, hanging any crispy skin, long-range consumption, dodge and escape, and six-stage displacement is not a problem. The first introduction is the sorcerer who is extremely difficult to operate . Is there a relatively simple mid laner, especially the one that is simple and rude, and kills with one move. Without further ado, welcome to the next protagonist, General Mo Xie.

Go-getter Mo Xie

Ganjiang Moxie doesn’t have the multi-stage displacement of Shiranui Mai. At least one skill is reserved for short-distance displacement to save his life. Movement is second. It can mainly bounce enemies close to him, keep a certain distance, and continue to output. Although this mage is not very popular, he has been the hero with the highest average output per game for three consecutive seasons. Yes, he does not play control, and specializes in burst output.

Every time an enemy is killed or assisted, the passive effect will be superimposed and the spell bonus will be obtained. After unlocking the big move at level 4, it will increase its own field of vision, so it is easier to track the whereabouts of the enemy and throw the wind sword at any time, which also improves him to a certain extent. Self-protection ability, after all, he does not have any displacement, he can only carry the flashing summoner skills.

Mo Xie, a level 15 go-getter, coupled with the formation of equipment, is extremely explosive. Just using the two flying swords of the second and third skills can cripple the crispy skin, or harvest the half-life of the enemy. The ultimate skill throws four Flying sword can really achieve the state of killing with one move. In team battles, it is responsible for long-range output and consciousness ointment to ensure that it is not approached by the enemy. After the game is over, it will definitely be the hero with the highest output.

Shen Mengxi

Who is Shen Mengxi ? What skills does this mage have? Some new players are still confused about Shen Mengxi’s mechanism, because no one cares about him, he is not very popular in low-end rounds, Bomb Boy, responsible for throwing bombs, his ultimate move is long-distance smashing bombs in the air, large-scale damage, professional In the game and high-end game, Shen Mengxi’s appearance rate is very high. The early matchup is worthy of other mages. The sprint effect of the second skill makes his support ability extremely fast. After clearing the line quickly with the first skill bomb, he can go to other points Road to help press the line.

The ultimate skill can restrain long-range heroes, such as Ganjiang Moxie or Baili Shouyue. It will not be too difficult to learn this mage well and become the strongest king.


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