The Premier League Golden Boot has not broken the goal drought, Son Heung-min’s psychological pressure may be increasing
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The Premier League Golden Boot has not broken the goal drought, Son Heung-min’s psychological pressure may be increasing

Premier League giants Tottenham Hotspur unfortunately scored 2 goals in the final stage of the UEFA Champions League Group D round 2, and finally lost to Sporting Portugal 0-2. It should be noted that Son Heung-min, who won the Premier League Golden Boot last season, has not broken the scoring drought since the beginning of this season.

Son Heung-min, who made his debut in this campaign, touched the ball 37 times, passed the ball 18 times and made 4 turnovers in 72 minutes, showing a remarkable performance. However, Son Heung -min had 5 crosses but could not get a response, so he lost the ball 14 times.

Since the start of this season, Son Heung-min has played 6 games in the Premier League and 2 games in the Champions League, but the South Korean star has only scored one assist and 0 goals so far, which is indeed far from last season’s performance. Fans are worried about him.

Since Tottenham Hotspur has become a bit more competitive in the team after the signing, it may make Son Heung-min’s psychological pressure continue to increase over time, but if a breakthrough is not made in a short time, I am afraid the Premier League Golden Boot will Temporarily placed on the bench.

Owen supports Son Heung-min

On the other hand, England star Owen expressed his support for Tottenham star Son Heung-min in an interview with the sports media. Owen also reminded all walks of life not to forget that Son Heung-min has been helping Tottenham forward in the past four seasons, and his goalscoring figures last season were also better than Kane’s.

Owen also emphasized that if he had to choose between Son Heung-min and Kane, he believed that most of the Premier League giants would choose Son Heung-min. He also said that even if the current state is not very ideal, Conte must keep the South Korean star in the starting lineup.

Owen specifically pointed out that after the introduction of top players, Tottenham should let the team play a more comprehensive role instead of sacrificing Son Heung-min. In addition, Manchester United star Ferdinand also agreed with Owen and suggested that Conte adjust the team’s offensive tactics and help Son Heung-min get space for goals.


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