The Indonesian National Team’s FIFA Ranking Can Soar Sharply! | this is how?
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The Indonesian National Team’s FIFA Ranking Can Soar Sharply! | this is how?

The Indonesian National Team's FIFA Ranking Can Soar Sharply! | this is how ?

CHOOSE Slovakia as your opponent, the FIFA ranking of the Indonesian National Team could soar sprucely. The reason is that if Slovakia is tagged by the Indonesian public platoon, it’s likely to win. Automatically boost the position of the Garuda team in the FIFA rankings.

PSSI General Chair, Mochamad Iriawan, said he’d find a platoon that occupies the top 60 in the world. The big platoon will be the opponent of the Indonesian public platoon in FIFA Matchday. The coming match will take place on 20- 28 March 2023.

Slovakia was included in the criteria. Because, the country from Eastern Europe is now ranked in the top 54 in the world. Now the question is, what are the chances of the Indonesian public platoon winning over Martin Skrtel’s country?

Indonesian national team choose Slovakia

In the last five matches, Milan Skriniar and his musketeers have experienced a decline in performance. In the UEFA Nations League C 2022-2023 in the last five matches, Slovakia has only won before. Slovakia also previously drew and lost three times.
Slovakia lost twice to Kazakhstan and previously lost to Azerbaijan. In terms of strength, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are not much different in quality from the general Indonesian National Team. Kazakhstan presently ranks 113 in the world, while Azerbaijan ranks 123 in the world. thus, the Indonesian public platoon is considered to have the quality to lessen Slovakia.

still, the points won by the Garuda team will be numerous, If the Indonesian public platoon can erect Slovakia. In fact, the points earned are further than those achieved after beating Curacao doubly (14.71 Points). In addition to boosting the FIFA rankings, a palm over Slovakia will increase the confidence of the Indonesian public platoon.

Where, the Indonesian public platoon endured a decline in the 2023 Asian Cup. Just to note, the Indonesian public platoon dropped in the 2023 Asian Cup which was rolling on 16 June to 16 June 2023.

Until now, it isn’t known who’ll host the 2023 Asian Cup. Who’ll host the 2023 Asian Cup will only be blazoned by the AFC on Monday, October 17, 2023. presently, Indonesia, Qatar and South Korea are the campaigners for the 2023 Asian Cup.


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