The Incredible Journey to Messi Crazy Record In The World Cup
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The Incredible Journey to Messi Crazy Record In The World Cup

Messi crazy record in the World Cup that he once broke, it seems that record follows him wherever he goes.The 2022 World Cup is full of Messi crazy record. Unfortunately, we can’t watch La Pulga perform his dance at the World Cup. 

The reason is that he will no longer be able to represent Argentina at the World Cup after 2022 which will take place in Qatar. So how is the extraordinary journey of the flea from Argentina in each edition of the World Cup?

The sweet debut of the 2006 World Cup

Messi is not even 19 years old, Jose Pokerman brought him to appear at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The Albiceleste were in Group C at the time, along with Ivory Coast, the Netherlands and Serbia-Montenegro.
His appearance at the World Cup ended sweet. In just 16 minutes of playing, he was able to contribute 1 goal and 1 assist for a 6-0 victory. Because of this goal, he became the youngest Argentine ever to score in a World Cup match.
In the third game against the Netherlands, the number 19 player also got 70 minutes of playing time. But unfortunately, he was unable to repeat the captivating story in the previous match. Because the score in this match is 0-0.
Argentina competed well enough to advance to the semifinals. Where they will face Germany, the host country of the tournament. Unfortunately, La Pulga cannot participate in this match. Because they would be a strong opponent. Because of that, Juan Pablo Sorin and his team had no choice but to suffer defeat at the hands of Der Panzer, 5-3.

Disappointing 2010 World Cup

The Incredible Journey to Messi Crazy Record In The World Cup

In contrast to his performance at the 2006 World Cup, when he was still a teenager on the verge of stardom. For the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, all eyes were on Lionel Messi and expectations were pinned on him.
Argentina had trouble scoring goals in the first game of the tournament, which was played against the Nigerian Super Eagles Team. Gabriel Heinze’s goal was the winner for Diego Maradona’s team, which only won 1-0.
In the second game of their series against South Korea, Argentina finally showed their ferocity. Albiceleste won against South Korea with a final score of 4-1. Argentina continued their perfect streak in the third game against Greece, winning 3-0. They successfully beat Greece with a score of 2-0 thanks to goals scored by Martin Demichelis and Martin Palermo.
In the quarter-finals, Germany was once again a nightmare for Messi and the rest of the Argentinian team. Surprisingly, they were able to write off four goals without receiving a reply. Miroslav Klose scored a brace, and both Muller and Arne Friedrich scored one each to help Argentina lose early.

Bittersweet Brazil 2014 World Cup

Due to his poor form in previous competitions, Messi is determined to fully redeem himself in Brazil. In the first match of the series against Bosnia and Herzegovina, Argentina wasted no time in attacking. Argentina and Iran played their second match of the series.
In the quarter-finals, Argentina went further by competing against a formidable team from Belgium. Luckily Messi and his team-mates scored a quick goal in the eighth minute to steal the lead. When Argentina played against the Netherlands in the semifinals, they managed to fire a shot at Cillessen’s goal.
In the final round of the World Cup, Argentina again faced its worst nightmare, namely Germany. Both teams struggled throughout the first ninety minutes of the game. Unfortunately for Messi, his hopes of lifting the World Cup trophy had to be dashed in the 113th minute of the game. When the “Messi of Germany,” Mario Gotze, scored the winner for Der Panzer.

Short story on the 2018 World Cup Russia

The Incredible Journey to Messi Crazy Record In The World Cup

Lionel Messi’s run at the 2018 World Cup was cut short and ended in disappointment. Despite the fact that he had a strong run overall. He contributed one goal and two assists. Messi only managed to help Argentina advance to the last 16.
Argentina appeared as a difficult opponent against Iceland in the first match of Group D. Actually, Argentina had the chance to win with a penalty kick in the 64th minute. Messi was unable to take advantage of opportunities and scored goals.
Argentina’s second game against Croatia, as one of the dark horses of the tournament at that time. William Caballero, who was playing goal, was forced to concede three goals during this game.
In the round of 16, Argentina faced one of the tournament’s top champions, France. Leo Messi is extraordinary, as evidenced by the two assists he made in the game.

The 2022 World Cup is full of Messi Crazy record

Messi is making his final preparations to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Argentina got off to a shaky start when they met Saudi Arabia in their opening group game and ended up losing 2-1. Even so, La Pulga gained a lot of success in this match by recording various impressive records.
First, he broke records by becoming the first Argentinian to compete in five separate iterations of the World Cup. Second, the player with the youngest record to have participated in five different editions of the World Cup (35 years). Third, Messi became the first player in Argentine history to score a goal in every game in the World Cup edition he participated in.
Argentina successfully advanced to the round of 16 by claiming a 2-1 win over Australia. After regulation and 90 minutes the game ended in a 2-2 draw. Argentina won in round eight on penalties, winning 4-3. Lionel Messi’s performance in this match, including one goal and one assist, was again outstanding.
After beating Croatia 3-0 and advancing to the semifinals, Argentina once again showed they have a winning mentality. Thanks to this score, Messi was able to set four new records. Messi was able to lead Argentina to victory over France.

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