The Brazilian team is reluctant to sell midfielder Barbosa this summer, Arsenal’s offer rejected
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The Brazilian team is reluctant to sell midfielder Barbosa this summer, Arsenal’s offer rejected

According to reports, with the closing of the transfer window imminent, Premier League Arsenal intends to introduce 26-year-old midfielder Danny Road Babosha from Botafogo in the transfer window this summer, but Arsenal recently proposed a £20 million deal. The offer was rejected by Botafogo because the team was unwilling to sell him this summer.

Although Arsenal have the best record of winning streak in five Premier League games, key players in the midfield squad, 30-year-old Mohamed Elneny and 29-year-old Thomas Partey, have suffered injury problems. That has forced Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta to sign a midfielder before entering the market and before the transfer window closes.

It is reported that Arteta’s initial introduction target was Leicester City’s 25-year-old attacking midfielder Yuri Tielemans, but based on the absence of two midfield defensive players, Arteta believes that Arsenal currently needs It is a defensive midfielder, and Babosha has become the best man for Arsenal.

However, Botafogo is reluctant to sell Babosha, because Babosha has just joined the team this month, and there are still opportunities to trade in the future. And the Brazilian team is well aware of the €100m release clause in the contract with Barbosa, which neither Botafogo nor Arsenal are expected to be able to pay.

Arsenal, however, are struggling to find a solution to secure the midfielder’s services. Because with the transfer window deadline approaching, Arsenal have been unable to find another midfielder to introduce before the final transfer window closes on Thursday.

It is expected that Arsenal manager Arteta may find a solution and increase the offer again to attract Botafogo, but Arsenal may not be able to do it in time for the current transfer window. If all goes well, Arteta will need to wait until the next transfer window opens to complete the transfer of Babosha.

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