The Best Captain in Barcelona History, Legend Carles Puyol one of them
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The Best Captain in Barcelona History, Legend Carles Puyol one of them

One particular name, Carles Puyol, made quite an impression on the Blaugrana. Puyol is an important figure who must get more credit.

There is no doubt that FC Barcelona is one of the most suc FC Barcelona cessful and well-known football clubs around the world. All the trophies up for grabs have been brought home by the Catalan giants.

In total, Barcelona was able to win 26 titles in La Liga. In addition, the club, which played its home games at Camp Nou, was quite successful in bringing home five Champions League trophies. Naturally, the influence of a captain cannot be separated from the achievements of the Barcelona team.

José Ramón Alexanko

The Best Captain in Barcelona History, Legend Carles Puyol one of them

Maybe modern Barcelona fans are still unfamiliar with the name Jose Ramon Alexanko. However, the player known as “Talin” is one of the most successful captains in Blaugrana history.

In 1980, Alexanko made a transfer to Barcelona from Athletic Bilbao. The centre-back quickly became an important part of the Barça team. He got the club captaincy in 1986.

In just his first year in charge of the club, Barcelona qualified for the Champions Cup championship match in 1986. The game between Barcelona and Steaua Bucharest ended in a disappointing defeat for Barcelona.

Alexanko led his team to victory in the Cup Winners’ Cup, Champions Cup and three La Liga championships while he was captain. He retired as captain in 1992.

Andrés Iniesta

Andres Iniesta, a legendary midfielder who plays for Barcelona. Apart from that he is also one of the club’s most successful players. However, most of his success at Camp Nou came in the years before he became captain. Because he had to sit on the bench for some time.

In 2015, Iniesta replaced Xavi as captain. The Spain international only served as Barca captain for three seasons. However, during that time, he guided Barcelona to three Copa del Rey wins and two La Liga championships.

Iniesta’s best season as captain is the one that just ended. Since Barcelona won the 2017-18 La Liga season by 14 points, they were able to claim the title.

When Iniesta left Camp Nou in 2018, he had already played for the Blaugrana 674 times. Widely one of the team’s most accomplished captains.

Joseph Guardiola

The Best Captain in Barcelona History, Legend Carles Puyol one of them

One of Barcelona’s most accomplished captains is also the club’s most successful coach. Pep Guardiola, the current manager of Manchester City, came through the youth program of La Masia.

Guardiola has established himself as a key member of the Blaugrana in no time. He was a member of the team that won four La Liga championships and the European Cup in 1992. Guardiola assumed the role of club captain following the departure of Gica Popescu in the summer of 1997. Shortly after Louis Van Gaal took over as club manager.

In the 1998-1999 season, Guardiola was able to lead Barcelona to win the La Liga. This was Guardiola’s first title as captain and his sixth overall championship win. The Blaugrana won the title that season with an 11 point difference over their closest competitor, Real Madrid.

Even though Barcelona did not win a trophy, no one can deny Guardiola’s influence in the team’s midfield. It is possible that another Barcelona captain has more impressive trophies than Guardiola. On the other hand, everyone at the club adores and respects him.

Carles Puyol

Puyol is not only a formidable centre-back for Barcelona, but he is also their longest-serving captain. Puyol has captained Barcelona for the past ten years. Plus, Puyol led the club during its most prosperous era.

Puyol was born and raised in Catalonia, and he joined Barcelona as a youth. He went through the club’s La Masia youth program before making his debut with the first team in 1999. At the end of the 2003–2004 season, he earned the role of captain at Camp Nou. Where he had played an important role for the team five years earlier.

Puyol won his first La Liga title with the club the following season. An achievement which he then achieved again in the season that started 2005-2006. The following season was also very special for Barcelona. Because they won the Champions League for the first time in over a decade.

The arrival of Josep Guardiola marked a shift in Barcelona’s playing style. Under Guardiola’s leadership, the Blaugrana won an additional three La Liga titles, in addition to two Champions Leagues.

Puyol remained Barca captain after Guardiola left Camp Nou at the end of the 2011–12 season. Under his leadership, Barcelona won another La Liga championship the following season, 2012–13. After that, Puyol only played one more year, namely the 2013-2014 season.


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