The 2023 U20 World Cup starts soon. Here’s a List of Candidate Stadiums and Their Capacity, SUGBK Becomes Host!
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The 2023 U20 World Cup starts soon. Here’s a List of Candidate Stadiums and Their Capacity, SUGBK Becomes Host!

The 2023 U20 World Cup is about to start. Here’s a List of Stadiums Candidate and Their Capacity, SUGBK Becomes the Host. In 2023, Indonesia will host the U20 World Cup between mid-May and early June. PSSI has started to make preparations before this important FIFA agenda.
The first step in preparation is to find people willing to volunteer. Followed by making plans for the opening ceremony and preparing the stadium. It is estimated that the U20 World Cup will take place in candidate locations around the islands of Java, Bali and Sumatra.

Candidate Stadiums for the U-20 World Cup


6. Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium Bali
This candidate stadiums became the home ground for Bali United when they competed in the Indonesian League 1. Even until the second round of League 1, Serdadu Tridatu still listed this stadium as its main headquarters.
However, Maguwoharjo Stadium in Sleman has also been registered by Bali United as a backup location. It is possible that the purpose is to secure a backup location. If the U20 World Cup is scheduled to take place nearby. Supporters, the number can reach 25,000.
5. Solo Manahan Stadium
The membership of the Indonesian national team has indeed merged with the Persis Solo club headquarters when competing. This stadium is also one of the locations to hold a bubble system in the Indonesian League 1 tournament.
However, there was an awkward moment during the match between Persija Jakarta and PSS Sleman. The match took place in League 1 on December 23, 2022. The match between the two teams had to be postponed due to field conditions.
Manahan Solo Stadium was unable to accommodate the heavy rainfall during the match. Of course, this should be PSSI’s record in order to prepare for similar incidents in the future. Supporters, the number can reach 25,000.
4. Si Starling Harupat Stadium, Bandung
This stadium is one of the grandest stadiums in the Bandung area, which is located in West Java. Jalak Harupat (SJH) used to be the headquarters of Persib Bandung. Before carrying out the demolition to make way for the current Gelora Lautan Api Stadium (GBLA). Now, Persika Bandung Regency uses SJH as their headquarters to navigate the Indonesian League 2. Supporters can reach 30,100 spectators.

Maximum Capacity

3. Palembang’s Jaka Baring Stadium
Major championships held in Indonesia often make Palembang the host city outside Java. Jakabaring Stadium was once used as the location for the Asian Games and SEA Games.
Now, Jakabaring Stadium is truly ready to host the U20 World Cup in July. The most prestigious youth football championship will take place in Jakabaring. Supporters, the number can reach 40,000.
2. Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium Surabaya
The Persebaya Surabaya headquarters is considered to be part of the candidate market for the U20 World Cup. The stadium, which was only opened in 2010, did not even host many of the matches played by the Indonesian national team.
Even so, Gelora Bung Tomo is a truly magnificent stadium located in the East Java region. There was room for 55,000 supporters in the audience.
1. Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK) Jakarta
Candidate Stadiums for the U-20 World Cup
Major soccer competitions should take place in Jakarta, the nation’s capital. Apart from being the headquarters of the Indonesian National Team at the senior level, SUGBK will now also host the U20 World Cup. The Persija Jakarta club has temporarily withdrawn from participating in SUGBK. Although PSSI has not made an official announcement regarding this matter.
In the Indonesian League 1 competition, the Kemayoran Tigers call this stadium their home ground. Harimau Kemayoran announced that it would use the Candbragha Stadium as its temporary home. Currently they are competing in the second round of the Indonesian Premier League.
This signal strengthens the possibility of SUGBK becoming the main location for U20 World Cup matches. There was room for 77,000 supporters in the crowd.

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