The 2022 SEA Women Basketball League final will be held in Surabaya
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The 2022 SEA Women Basketball League final will be held in Surabaya

The 2022 SEA Women Basketball League final will be held in Surabaya
The Women’s Basketball League Final will begin in October. The megacity of Surabaya will host the Women’s Basketball Final. As for this league for the Southeast Asia region, the ocean Women’s Basketball League 2022.

Secretary General of the Indonesian Basketball Association (Perbasi) Nirmala Dewi said the decision had been approved by FIBA. At that time Perbasi proposed holding a women’s league in a meeting with FIBA Asia in Bangkok, Thailand before this month. Nirmala said the final match of the ocean Women’s Basketball League 2022 will be held at GOR Kertajaya, Surabaya starting October 25.

” We chose Surabaya because our women’s basketball National Team has been rehearsing and training camp (TC) in Surabaya for a long time.” Said Nirmala to Antara in Jakarta, Monday (26/9/2022).

” In addition, basketball interest in the megacity is extremely high. Most importantly, the Mayor of Surabaya is veritably probative of the basketball crown there,” he added.

Nirmala said that the opening match, which will be the first in the 2022 ocean Women’s Basketball League series.  We will start on October 10 in Thailand before moving to Malaysia, and close with the final match in Indonesia.

” The number of brigades and sharing countries has not yet been decided,” he said.

PP Perbasi preliminarily proposed to FIBA to hold a women’s basketball league specifically for Southeast Asia. The offer surfaced against the background of the lack of women’s basketball competitions, not only in Indonesia, but also in ASEAN countries.

FIBA also agreed to the offer and conceded that the women’s league was still lacking and lost in prestige to the men’s basketball. thus, FIBA Asia and the public coalitions of Southeast Asian countries explosively support the launching of the women’s basketball club competition in ASEAN.

” So we want to produce a league together, the women’s basketball league for Southeast Asia. This offer is explosively supported by FIBA because the women’s league in general is still veritably less competitive,” said Nirmala.


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