Thailand Vs Malaysia Results: War Elephants to the Final, Malayan Tigers Can’t Move!
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Thailand Vs Malaysia Results: War Elephants to the Final, Malayan Tigers Can’t Move!

The Malayan tigers lost in the semifinal match of the 2022 AFF Cup which pitted Thailand against Malaysia. The celebration took place during the second leg of the 2022 AFF Thailand and Malaysia AFF Cup semifinals. The War Elephant Squad crushed the Malayan Tigers with a score of 3-0, resulting in a landslide victory.

On Tuesday (10/1/2023) evening WIB, the Thailand vs Malaysia match took place at the Thammasat Stadium. The War Elephants fully controlled the game during the second leg of the 2022 AFF Cup semi-final against Harimau Malaya.

The aggregate score of the match between Thailand and Malaysia in the semifinals of the 2022 AFF Cup is 3-1. The match was won by Thailand. In the previous match, the first leg was won by Harimau Malaya with a score of 1-0. Meanwhile, the War Elephant team scored one goal in each round of the second leg match.

Match Analysis Thailand vs Malaysia

The ball was put in the net by Teerasil Dangda (19′) after heading in from Theeraton Bunmathan’s cross. Following that, in the second half, Thailand scored two more goals from Bordin Phala’s right-foot shot.

Ekanit Panya made excellent observations. He aimed the ball at Bordin Phala, who was standing alone with no other players nearby. Thailand’s second goal was scored in the 55th minute as a direct result of the first goal.

Thailand Vs Malaysia Results: War Elephants to the Final, Malayan Tigers Can't Move!

While Adisak initially took advantage of his partner’s position from the right side of the field, his shot went wide of the net. After the ball bounced towards him, Adisak was given a second chance. The opportunity was not wasted, and the target was achieved.

In terms of ball possession and attempted shots at goal, the War Elephants were clearly the superior team throughout the game. So far, Malaysia, which has managed to survive, is showing signs of being quite successful. They were only able to get two shots on target in the first half.

Second round

In contrast, Tiger Malaya’s counterattack was not as sharp as in the first round. In the second half, they only fired one shot with Faisal Abdul Halim’s leg, and the shot missed the target.

The match was very hot, especially after Thailand’s third goal scored by Adisak Kraisorn. Since the 70th minute, the referee has shown more than three cards to the players. In addition, a large number of officials entered the field of play.

There were several attempts made by Thailand to score the fourth goal. However, none of their efforts were successful. However, War Elephants faced Vietnam in the 2022 AFF Cup final.


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