Takuro Hoki /Yugo Kobayashi, Japan’s Doubles That Removed Marcus/Kevin from World Rank 1 | 77577sports
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Takuro Hoki /Yugo Kobayashi, Japan’s Doubles That Removed Marcus/Kevin from World Rank 1 | 77577sports

Takuro Hoki/Yugo Kobayashi, Japan's Doubles That Removed Marcus/Kevin from World Rank 1 | 77577sports

Get to know the Japanese brace, Takuro Hoki/ Yugo Kobayashi. Recently defeated Indonesia, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon/ Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo from first place in BWF. As is known, the Indonesian badminton men’s double brace, Fernaldi/Kevin has just been shifted from the interpretation of the BWF world ranking 1st.

The loftiest throne in men’s doubles badminton was also officially shifted to the Japanese brace, Takuro/Yugo  who now lead at the top. This was verified after the 40th to 43rd week world ranking points in September 2019 were declared expired. Of course, this made the points of the Indonesian brace who are distantly nicknamed the pets burnt and made them fall to the alternate position in the BWF men’s doubles world rankings.

Takuro Hoki/Yugo Kobayashi, Japan's Doubles That Removed Marcus/Kevin from World Rank 1 | 77577sports
Reaksi Takuro Hoki (kiri) dan Yugo Kobayashi (kanan) dari Jepang melawan Marcus Fernaldi Gideon dan Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo dari Indonesia pada pertandingan final ganda bulu tangkis di BWF World Tour Finals di Nusa Dua di pulau resor Bali. (Foto oleh Handout/Persatuan Bulu Tangkis Indonesia/AFP)

It’ll be intriguing to probe further who’s Takuro Hoki/ Yugo Kobayashi, Marcus/ Kevin’s bow rival in the world’s men’s doubles. Takuro Hoki/ Yugo Kobayashi are the mainstay of Japanese men’s doubles at the moment. They have been on the transnational competition scene since 2014.

Takuro Hockey/Yugo Kobayashi won their first title at the 2014 BWF International Challenge US Open. They defeated Canadian men’s doubles, Adrian Liu/Derrick Ng with a score of 21-17, 21-19. Indeed, this one men’s doubles is quite slow to win the title at a young age. Of course, he just won the title at the Spanish International 2016.

Takuro Hoki/ Yugo kobayashi Played in the Mixed Doubles Sector

For the record, Mathias Christiansen actually played more in mixed doubles along with his mate, Alexandra Boje. Indeed with Takuro Hoki and Yugo Kobayashi, both of them were tried to play in the mixed doubles sector. Takuroro Hockey pairs up with one of Japan’s mainstay players, Sayaka Hirota. Their combination successfully stepped into the final of the BWF Superseries Japan Open 2017.

Unfortunately, at that time Takuro Hoki/ Sayaka Hirota’s brace had to lose to China’s mixed doubles, Wang Yilyu/Huang Dongping. They lost by a score of 13-21 and 8-21. Yugo Kobayashi is increasingly successful when playing in the mixed doubles sector. At that time she was paired with one of Japan’s top women’s doubles players, Wakana Nagahara.

Yugo Kobayashi/ Wakana Nagahara are fit for the BWF Grand Prix title. Especially the 2016 US Open by beating two goals from Poland, Robert Mateusiak / Nadiezda Zieba with a score of 21-16 and 21-18. The Japanese player also stepped into the men’s doubles final with Takuro Hockey at the US Open.
Takuro Hoki/ Yugo Kobayashi had to give up losing to Denmark’s senior brace, Mathias Boe/ Carsten Mogensen. A fierce match saw them lose 11-21 and 20-22.

After relentlessly playing in two sectors, Hoki/Yugo started to outperform the BWF Super 500 match again. They started their success from the 2018 Korea Open. They did not fail to win the title, at that time Takuro Hoki/Kobayashi were again conquered by two Japanese players. Hiroyuki Endo/ Yuta Watanabe with a score of 21-9, 15-21, and 10-21 managed to beat the player from Japan.

Takuro/ Yugo, Defeat Indonesian Pair in 2022

In 2021, Hoki/ Kobayashi also won two titles, videlicet Denmark Open super 1000 and Indonesia Masters 2021 super 750. Takuro Hoki / Kobayashi then beat the host’s brace in their match. Separate competition to win the crown. In the Denmark Open 2021 match, Hockey/Kobayashi beat the Danish brace. Brand managed to beat Kim Astrup/Anders Skaarup Rasmussen with a score of 21-18 and 21-12.

In the Indonesia Masters 2021, Hockey/Kobayashi also managed to beat Markus Fernaldi Gideon/Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo in the final with a score of 11-21, 21-17, and 19-21.  Another intriguing note passed by Hoki/ Kobayashi, because in the last three events they were suitable to win in the final from the Indonesian brace.

For illustration, at the 2021 BWF World Tour Tests, the Japanese brace defeated Marcus Fernaldi Gideon/ Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo 21- 16, 13- 21, and 21- 17. Meanwhile, in the two 2022 events, Fajar Alfian/ Muhammad Rian Ardianto fell prey to Takuro Hoki/ Yugo Kobayashi in the Thailand Open and Malaysia Open.

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