Tahith Chong and James Garner are sent off on the eve of closing the window, Manchester United’s job of streamlining the squad is complete
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Tahith Chong and James Garner are sent off on the eve of closing the window, Manchester United’s job of streamlining the squad is complete

Manchester United ‘s line-up streamlining work this summer has finally come to an end after sending Tahith Chong and James Garner away.

After the opening of the Premier League summer transfer window, Manchester United spared no effort in strengthening, and successively signed Malasia, Eriksen, Lisandro Martinez, Casemiro, Anthony and Dubravka.

While the signings kept pace, Manchester United director John Mertave still did not forget to downsize the lineup, Telles, Bayi, Henderson, Diallo, Hannibal, and Alvaro Fernandez After being loaned out one after another, Tahith Chong and James Garner were also sold by the Red Devils on the day the summer window closed.

Tahith Chong

The 22-year-old Tahith Chong is a winger and is one of the 13 players that Manchester United sent away this summer. According to their official news, the Dutch winger will transfer to the Championship powerhouse Birmingham, with a contract signed until June 2026. According to The Athletic UK’s Manchester United team reporter Laurie Whitwell and Greg Evans reported that Manchester United will receive a transfer fee of 1.45 million pounds and a 25% secondary fee from the transfer of Tahith Chong. Transfer divided.

Tahith Chong was born in Feyenoord’s youth academy and joined the Manchester United youth academy in 2016. On January 5, 2019, he represented the Red Devils in the FA Cup for the first time as a substitute. From July 2021 to May 2022, Tahith Chong was loaned to Birmingham by Manchester United and played 20 times in one year, scoring 1 goal and delivering 3 assists during the period.

Back in Birmingham to start a new chapter, Tahith Chong couldn’t help but be very excited. He told Blues TV: “I’m very happy to be back. Especially after last season, I’ve always felt like Birmingham City has become my second home. I feel like I’m ready. I’m excited to start a new season The journey. It was great to be back.”

James Garner

Another player to become Manchester United’s past tense is 21-year-old England midfielder James Garner​ , who moved from Manchester United to fellow Premier League team Everton. According to Patrick Boylan and Greg O’Keefe, Everton’s team reporters under The Athletic UK, James Garner’s transfer fee can reach up to 15.5 million pounds, and Manchester United can also get a 15% second transfer from it. divided into. In addition, Garner signed a four-year contract with Everton, with a one-year extension option.

James Garner was born in Manchester United’s youth training, but he got only a handful of appearances in the first team: After signing his first professional contract with Manchester United in 2020, Garner was loaned to Watford and Nottingham Forest to play, only played 7 times for the Red Devils in 2 years.

“I’m ready to play for Everton . It’s a big step in my career and I want to help the team get better while working on my own improvement,” Garner told Everton TV. “I think Everton is the perfect place to make that happen. I can’t wait to get started.”

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