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New NBA records 2022-2023 | Stephen Curry Again Sets a Rare Record!

Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warrior’s player, has once more efficaciously set a new NBA records. The document has no longer been touched by way of different NBA players. Uniquely, Curry himself had in no way accomplished it. What file did Curry set? The assembly of the Golden State Warriors towards the Sacramento Kings, Tuesday […]

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Barack Obama Buys Phoenix Suns for IDR 63 Trillion?

Former US president Barack Obama added to the list of implicit buyers for the Phoenix Suns team. Uniquely, several media reported enterprise that Obama was the bone who could shake Stephen Curry’s comfort in the Golden State soldiers. Although until now there has been no sanctioned evidence from the former president. The Suns came one […]

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Second Most Expensive Tickets for the 2022-2023 Season Opening Game in NBA History

The NBA 2022- 2023 regular season will take place on October 18, 2022, United States time. The first game featured a meeting between the Golden State soldiers and the Los Angeles Lakers, at Chase Center, California. Reportedly this game ticket came the alternate most precious ticket in NBA history. The season nature is intriguing. Because […]

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These 3 basketball players are Role Models from Andakara Prastawa, who are they?

Like basketball players in general, Andakara Prastawa also has basketball athletes who are role models for him. Not only foreign athletes, there are also local athletes who are examples for Prastawa. In the Indonesia Millennial and Gen Z Summit 2022 event, Prastawa revealed three names who became role models for him. Who are they? Kobe […]

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Suga BTS Finally Meets Stephen Curry in Japan, Check Out the Excitement!

Member of the K- Pop group BTS, Min Yoongi, has long been a addict of the Golden State soldiers. Last time Suga showed support for the soldiers by making a jersey with his own name. This time he eventually got to meet Stephen Curry when the soldiers heldpre-season in Japan. Suga could not hide his […]

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