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Atletico Madrid missed the promotion, Simeone said that they need to improve and believe that they will succeed

In the sixth round of the 2022-23 Champions League group stage , Atletico Madrid lost to Porto 1-2 and missed the promotion. Coach Simeone was interviewed. Simeone said that the opponent is better, the drop is better, the stand is higher, the opponent is very strong, and he scored two goals. Atletico Madrid needs to improve, the team’s data is not good, they […]

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77577 Champions League Sports

Brugge beat Porto 4-0

Following the first round of the 2022-23 UEFA Champions League , Brugge beat Bayer Leverkusen in a shock, and today they will face Porto in the second round. In the 15th minute, Porto sent a point, Hutgra made a penalty, and Bruges led 1-0 . Porto, who suffered their last defeat at Atletico Madrid last week, looked poor and failed to respond, with their only real chance […]

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