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Pique will still keep in touch with Barcelona, Barcelona is watching Cuenca and Foyce

Retired Barcelona defender Pique recently talked about his decision to retire during a live broadcast. Pique felt that his farewell battle last weekend was wonderful, he said it was a bit unexpected, and he was very grateful to Barcelona for the curtain call performance arranged for him. Although his career as a player in Barcelona is over, he […]

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[La Liga] Lewandowski and Pique suspended for provocative behavior

In the La Liga game, in the 31st minute of the opening, Lewandowski was sent off for two yellow cards. Fortunately, Barcelona finally defeated Osasuna 2-1. In the game against Osasuna, Lewandowski was sent off for two yellow cards. After being sent off, he made a sarcastic gesture to the referee team. He made two […]

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