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Ronaldo said in the interview that he would leave early because he was irritated by the coach at the time. The coach did not have empathy and did not give him due respect

The second part of Piers Morgan’s interview with Ronaldo was released early this morning. During the interview, Ronaldo talked about his deep conflict with Manchester United and other topics. Regarding the early departure of the preseason, Ronaldo said that many players have done this, he and 8 other players have done this, but they only mentioned his name. They only mention what they […]

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Ronaldo criticized Manchester United before the World Cup, bluntly said he would not respect Ten Hag

In the early morning of November 14, a video of some Portuguese star Ronaldo being interviewed by the famous British host Piers Morgan was released. Ronaldo almost scolded the entire Manchester United team in the video. In the video, Cristiano Ronaldo was asked if anyone wanted him to leave the team. Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s affirmative answer was that not only the head coach, but also two […]

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