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Indonesia vs Moldova Results: Despite the Draw, the U20 Indonesian National Team Can Dominate the Game Against Moldova!

Indonesia vs Moldova results in the Turkey fit ended in a draw. The Indonesian U-20 National Team failed to win returned to again towards Moldova. In this 2nd check match, Garuda Nusantara used to be pressured to draw with a rating of 0-0. In this match, the Indonesian U-20 National Team surely seemed greater dominant. […]

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Indonesian National Team has ever won the U-20 Asian Cup, what about in 2023?

The Indonesian U-20 National Team will play in the 2023 U-20 Asian Cup in Uzbekistan from 1 to 18 March 2023. The Garuda Nusantara platoon will try to contend in the event which was won in 1961. After the draw, theU-20 Indonesian National Team joined in Group A of the 2023U-20 Asian Cup with the […]

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STY Excited Project Wants to Show Fierce in the U-20 World Cup

In order to achieve the target of appearing fierce in the 2023 U-20 World Cup, STY runs a splashy project. One of them proposed 14 names of naturalized players. Shin Tae- yong has brought three players to Indonesia before the 2022 AFFU-19 Cup. The three players are Kai Boham, Jim Croque, and Max Christoffel. still, […]

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AFF U-19 Karma? | Thailand Failed to Follow Indonesia National Team to the U-20 Asian Cup

Thailand eventually failed to follow up with the Indonesian U-20 National Team to qualify for the tests of the 2023 U-20 Asian Cup. Thailand’s disadvantage points of discipline redounded in this. This certainty passed after the end of all the 2023 Asian Cup U-20 Qualifying matches in Group H. The event had just ended because […]

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Shin Tae-Yong: “Iwan Bule Resigns, I’m Resigning from the Indonesian National Team

Shocking news came from Shin Tae- yong. Indonesia’s National Team trainer, Shin Tae- yong hovered to abdicate. If Mochamad Iriawan also abnegated from the position of General Chairperson of PSSI. As we know, Mochamad Iriawan is presently in the public limelight. Where is the Kanjuruhan tragedy that has claimed numerous victims. Not a many have […]

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enan Radoncic, Assistant Shin Tae-yong Resigns from the Indonesian National Team, Why?

The assistant trainer of the Indonesian National Team, Dzenan Radoncic, has officially abnegated from the coaching staff. He chose to return to his home country, Montenegro, because his mama was veritably ill. Dzenan wants to accompany his mama who has been separated from him for a long time. Because he frequently traveled as a player […]

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The Indonesian National Team’s FIFA Ranking Can Soar Sharply! | this is how?

CHOOSE Slovakia as your opponent, the FIFA ranking of the Indonesian National Team could soar sprucely. The reason is that if Slovakia is tagged by the Indonesian public platoon, it’s likely to win. Automatically boost the position of the Garuda team in the FIFA rankings. PSSI General Chair, Mochamad Iriawan, said he’d find a platoon […]

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Seriously! Elkan Baggott Threatened to Fail to Defend the Indonesian National Team in the 2022 AFF Cup

Elkan Baggott is in peril of not being suitable to defend the Indonesian National Team (Timnas) in the 2022 AFF Cup. Because the altitudinous protector will start his busy schedule with Gillingham FC. The player who was born in Bangkok, Thailand compactly defended Indonesia in the 2020 AFF Cup. In addition, he also took part […]

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PSSI Finds New Coach, Indonesian National Team Will Not Be Trained by Shin Tae-yong at SEA Games 2023

PSSI plans to find a new trainer to replace Shin Tae- yong in theU-23 Indonesian National Team. Where, will contend in the ocean Games 2023. The solid docket is a consideration to find a relief trainer. PSSI is reticent to burden Shin Tae- yong with further focus on 2023. As is known, there are numerous […]

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Shin Tae-yong ruthless coach? | Here’s a more ruthless trainer than STY!

Shin Tae- yong is considered a ruthless trainer who’s in charge of the Indonesian National Team. still, long before that, the Red and White Squad was counseled by an iron- handed trainer from Russia, Anatoli Polosin. Anatoli Polosin is one of the trainers who’s flashed back by the Indonesian people for his success in winning […]

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