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FIFA to take disciplinary action over fan discrimination against Canadian goalkeeper Bojan

FIFA (FIFA) recently issued a statement announcing that it will launch disciplinary proceedings against Croatian fans for discriminatory behavior against the identity of Canadian goalkeeper Milan Bojan. During the Qatar World Cup group match between Croatia and Canada at the Khalifa International Stadium on Monday, Croatian fans in the stands displayed banners containing discrimination and anti-foreign hateful content. […]

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Fantastic!! This is the Nominal Prize for the World Cup 2022, Reaching Hundreds of Billions of Rupiah

This is the quantum of prize for the World Cup 2022 winners. The winning team will get a cash prize. The prize for the World Cup 2022 is much advanced than the prize in the former edition of the event. The four- time event will bring together 32 of the stylish brigades from around the […]

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Qatar World Cup total prize money up to 440 million US dollars

With the Qatar World Cup approaching, FIFA has announced the total prize money for the 2022 World Cup, which will allocate $1 billion to be distributed to football associations around the world who are eligible and ineligible for the World Cup. The actual total prize money is $440 million, which is $40 million more than the 2018 […]

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PT LIB (Liga Indonesia Baru) Site Hacked | RIP Indonesian Football

The site of PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) as the driver of the Indonesian football competition was addressed. The PT LIB site was still not normal until 23.00 WIB. The first judgment that incontinently appeared on the PT LIB website was” RIP Football Indonesia”. The hacker also also delivered another communication. ” Yes, it’s better […]

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2022 World Cup Mascot | La’eeb Visits Indonesian People, The Uniqueness of The 2022 World Cup Mascot

The trip of the 2022 World Cup Mascot, La’eeb in Indonesia continues. This time, La’eeb saluted the people in the megacity of icons, Surabaya. Since two weeks agone, La’eeb has been traveling around Indonesia. The cute charm is starting to echo the swoon of the 2022 World Cup which is lower than a month down. […]

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Al Rihla, 2022 World Cup Official Ball Made in Indonesia

FIFA has officially chosen Al Rihla as the functionary ball for the 2022 World Cup. One of the interesting data about this ball is that Indonesia will produce it. Precisely from the megacity which has the nickname Swordsman City. For information, Adidas has won the trust of FIFA to become the official brand for the […]

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Qatar 2022 World Cup will be held, here are the Ticket Prices

The World Cup or the 2022 World Cup in Qatar doesn’t feel to know recession. This country is gorging on offering glamorous live World Cup viewing packages at fustian prices. Luxury match packages that vend for thousands of bones, including five- star hostel lodgment. To be suitable to watch the 2022 World Cup live in […]

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No Empathy Kanjuruhan Tragedy | Fun Football FIFA and PSSI blasphemed!

FIFA and PSSI took the time for delightful fun football conditioning on the sidelines of their visit to Indonesia. This exertion drew review from football suckers. Because, netizens suppose that FIFA and PSSI don’t empathize with the Kanjuruhan Tragedy. FIFA President Gianni Infantino visited Indonesia to meet President Joko Widodo and PSSI. FIFA will help […]

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Fans are Afraid that the Thai National Team will be FIFA Sanctions like the Indonesian National Team

According to the Thai media, Siamsport, the Thai National Team is hovered with warrants from FIFA. This caused numerous suckers of the Thai National Team to worry. In an composition, Siamsport published the title’ Thai suckers sweat FIFA banning the National Team’. Suckers considered the statement by the President of the Thai Olympic Committee (NOC) […]

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If these conditions are met, PSSI will return to the title of League 1

PSSI Executive Committee (Exco) member Ahmad Riyadh revealed that the competition could renew if three conditions were met. The competitions are League 1 2022/2023, League 2 2022/2023, and League 3 2022. The first and alternate conditions are if the security format and the competition system have been rearranged. The third condition is to get blessing […]

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