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Reject Shin Tae-yong | Vietnam National Team got Karma!

REJECT Shin Tae- yong, Vietnam’s National Team indeed got air because of Park Hang- seo’s decision. This air, Park Hang- seo has the implicit to leave the Vietnam National Team after the 2022 AFF Cup. PSSI’s plan to extend Shin Tae- yong’s contract has come a content of discussion in colorful media in the country. […]

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Seriously! Elkan Baggott Threatened to Fail to Defend the Indonesian National Team in the 2022 AFF Cup

Elkan Baggott is in peril of not being suitable to defend the Indonesian National Team (Timnas) in the 2022 AFF Cup. Because the altitudinous protector will start his busy schedule with Gillingham FC. The player who was born in Bangkok, Thailand compactly defended Indonesia in the 2020 AFF Cup. In addition, he also took part […]

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Sacred National Team Jersey in Black. Rarely used, But Disposable Auto Wins!

The uniform of the three platoon generals of Indonesia, the black jersey is almost gone. Previously, the Garuda Squad managed to win over a platoon ranked above the Curacao National Team. The Indonesian public platoon almost won 3-2 over Curacao in the inaugural match of Matchday FIFA. The Indonesian national team held the match at […]

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