Tachibana Ukyo became popular with a skin, it’s time to do her homework to counter the first move. (two)
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Tachibana Ukyo became popular with a skin, it’s time to do her homework to counter the first move. (two)

Tachibana Ukyo became popular with a skin, it's time to do her homework to counter the first move. (two)

Tachibana Ukyo became popular because of the official launch of a legendary SNK skin for him. After the rate of appearance soared, players began to take precautions and prepare to fight against this warrior. In the previous article, I mentioned that Tachibana Ukyo has a low win rate, and he often feels that he can’t beat him when he is laning, but don’t forget that his skill mechanism is too long. You can use the second skill to draw a knife to stun, and then make up the first skill to step back. , the ultimate skill also comes with a blood recovery function. Before you step forward, more than half of your blood volume has been consumed. Once Tachibana Ukyo continues to attack, it will be harvested.

Start with the ability to clear the line first

Knowing yourself and knowing the enemy, you will be victorious in a hundred battles. To restrain Tachibana Ukyo, of course, you need to prescribe the right medicine. If the opponent is attacking a long-handed, then simply take a hero whose skill range is more remote than him. Ma Chao is the most suitable. In addition, Tachibana Ukyo is relatively strong in the early stage. It is completely normal for him to be unable to fight against the lane. The easiest way to deal with it is to hide under the tower. Development, after the strong period, to the middle and late stage, is the real contest.

Stronger than him earlier

There are not many strong warriors in the early stage, but Ju Youjing is not the only one. If you want to defeat him, you must choose more powerful heroes in the early stage, such as Hua Mulan, Mengkuo, Xiahou Dun or Kuang Tie. The combat power of these heroes in the early stage is not in the Just kidding, multi-stage control, domineering body without injury, and even clearing people and soldiers together, Tachibana Ujing can only hide under the tower to grow, and dare not come out.

If you think the hero just mentioned is difficult to operate, you can use the timeless and never cool down hero, Lu Bu. If you can’t beat it in the early stage, you have to fight for the late stage, and then hit the burst damage. Anyway, after the strong period in the early stage, everyone will be on an equal footing.

meat pack

In addition to choosing the right hero to fight against, players should pay more attention to their outfits. As warriors, we habitually buy output outfits first. We hope that after clearing the line, we can catch people in the middle, or even go to the development road to play in groups. Take care of yourself first before you can take care of others. If you can’t manage your own way of confrontation, if you can’t keep it, how can you hold a group together? Players can make meat suits in the early stage, and the defense power is high, and Tachibana Ujing will obviously be weak in hitting people.

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