SWBL Introduction Season 2022 | Indonesia Elite is the Champion!
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SWBL Introduction Season 2022 | Indonesia Elite is the Champion!

SWBL Introduction Season 2022| Indonesia Elite is the Champion!

The Indonesia Elite basketball team performed impressively during the ocean Women Basketball League (SWBL) Introduction Season 2022. The team, which featured players from the Indonesian Women’s Basketball National Team, managed to lift the crown jewel at the SWBL 2022 event. Indonesia Elite won the SWBL 2022 event with a score of 65- 56 over the Thai Sniper, Monday (31/10).

The SWBL 2022 was followed by three Southeast Asian brigades, namely the Thai Sniper, the Harimau Malaysia and the Indonesia Elite. Indonesia’s slick delicacy from the morning of the match made Indonesia continue to be in a superior position. The superiority of Indonesia’s answer also made the Thai Sniper fail to get further tried shots. Indeed, though Indonesia Elite’s opponents make lower development.

Quoting from the Indonesiabasketball runner, the captain of Indonesia Elite, Henry Sutjiono, expressed his opinion on his team’s palm. Henry said that Indonesia Elite always carried out the trainer’s directions. thus, they’re suitable to manage with the pressure on the field

” We overcome all the pressure on the field by doing what the trainer directed. We’re proud, happy, and relieved after winning. Throughout the match we tried to give the stylish from the defence and tried to enjoy playing,” said Henry Sutjiono.



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Secretary General of PP Perbasi Nirmala Dewi appreciated the success of Indonesia Elite in winning the SWBL Introduction Season 2022. also, Indonesia Elite achieved this success with difficulty. They must complete three games to win the title after the former two games beat each other.

” Congratulations Indonesia Elite. This success makes us believe that the future of the Women’s Team will be indeed more brilliant. We hope this will be a provocation for our youthful players to always give their stylish and never give up in every match,” concluded Nirmala Dewi.

Key to Indonesia Elite’s Victory in SWBL Introduction Season 2022

Indonesia managed to seize 19 descent rebounds in this game and convert them to 9 points. This is enough to cover 14 Indonesian successions. This success is indeed more complete because of Adelaide Callista Wongsohardjo. Laide got the MVP title for this final. Because he was suitable to add 12 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists for Indonesia Elite.

In addition, three other Indonesian players also gained double- number points in this game. Yuni Anggraeni and Henny Sutjiono each added 11 points. Despite not scoring double number points, formerly again Agustin Gradita Retong played a big part with 7 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists.

” Hopefully with this palm, the children can be more confident, increase their flying hours, especially since all brigades have nearly the same strength,” said Assistant Coach of Indonesia Elite July Wong.

This success is further about the solidarity of the children for liabilities in defence and the transition of speed offense,” he continued.

The course of the match

In this final match, Indonesia Elite wasn’t easy to come out as champion. They’ve to work hard to stem the Sniper attack. In the first quarter, Indonesia Elite won with a score of 25- 12. Still, Indonesia Elite had to lose Gabriel Sophia due to a leg injury.

Sniper continued to press in the coming quarter. They produced 1 point further than Indonesia Elite in the alternate quarter (11- 12). In the third quarter inversely strong. Both saved 13 points. Sniper continued to try to press in the final quarter. Sniper makes good use of the injury, Dewa Ayu Sriartha.



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They were suitable to collect 19 points, while Indonesia Elite added 16 points. Gas Pol scoring points in the early quarter is the key to Indonesia Elite’s success. To maintain the periphery of palm until the end of the match 65- 56.

” The influence is veritably big without Gaby or Ayu. Because Gaby is altitudinous, we can calculate on post play and rebound. Meanwhile, Ayu, the hustle player, noway gives up for answer off or defense and is veritably presto. Luckily all the players are ready. We can rotate everything. So, whoever plays, we always push the children to fight to the end because this is the last game,” explained July.

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