STY Excited Project Wants to Show Fierce in the U-20 World Cup
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STY Excited Project Wants to Show Fierce in the U-20 World Cup

STY Excited Project Wants to Show Fierce in the U-20 World Cup

In order to achieve the target of appearing fierce in the 2023 U-20 World Cup, STY runs a splashy project. One of them proposed 14 names of naturalized players. Shin Tae- yong has brought three players to Indonesia before the 2022 AFFU-19 Cup.

The three players are Kai Boham, Jim Croque, and Max Christoffel. still, in the end, the three players didn’t continue the naturalization process. After that PSSI transferred Technical Director Indra Sjafri along with two other representatives.

During the visit in early October, Indra incontinently watched the players practice. Hamdan Hamedan also explained about the instigative pigsty project. Grounded on this, Indra reevaluated.

Players who will Follow the Naturalization Process

PSSI officers who accompanied Indra, supposedly there was one other name that was also considered. It’s just who the player is, until now kept mature. In other words, there are five players from 11 names that enter Shin’s criteria for IndonesiaU-20.

Of the five, Shin invited two players to take care of the naturalization process, videlicet Ivar Jenner and Justin Hubner. Jenner is an 18- time-old midfielder. presently, he’s defending FC UtrechtU-21. While Jenner is a central protector who’s now appearing in the third league of the Premier League with Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The other three names are still in the process of being communicated. However, the three players will incontinently take part in starting the naturalization process, if there are no obstacles.

” Of the four players who are interested, there’s actually one further on the waiting list. So, there are four plus one because this player is seen as having eventuality. This is purely the authority of trainer Shin,” said Hamdan at the PSSI office.

STY Excited Project proposes 14 Naturalized Player Names

Preliminarily, ahead of the 2021U-20 World Cup which was eventually laid over due to the Covid- 19 epidemic, Shin Tae Yong also called for naturalized players. Of the five names that were called, in the end only one survived, namely Elkan Baggott.

STY Excited Project proposes 14 Naturalized Player Names
Elkan Baggott

But Baggott’s status wasn’t the same as other naturalized players. Baggott came an Indonesian citizen without naturalization. This was because Mrs. Baggott had registered him with the occupation service since he was a child.

In addition to carrying out the naturalization project, pigsty proposed training camps in Europe. presently, theU-20 Indonesian National Team is in Turkey and also on to Spain. The Indonesian National Team’s training camp will end in the Netherlands.


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