Spanish Super Cup – Barcelona set to break title drought with semi-final against Real Betis
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Spanish Super Cup – Barcelona set to break title drought with semi-final against Real Betis

The Spanish Super Cup semi-finals of the 2022/23 season are about to stage a focused match. La Liga giants Barcelona will go to Saudi Arabia to face Real Betis, hoping to win and advance to the final.

Since the Spanish Super Cup was changed to a 4-team system in the 2019/20 season, Barcelona has never been able to win the championship. Therefore, Harvey’s team will definitely look to break the championship drought of this competition this season. It is worth mentioning that this is also another big opportunity for coach Harvey to win the first Champions League since he coached Barcelona in November 2021.

Lewandowski expected to play

In addition, although the Polish star Lewandowski was previously suspended for two games in La Liga, the Spanish Super Cup is not within the scope of the suspension, so Lewandowski will have the opportunity to play in this game . Moreover, Lewandowski has contributed 19 goals and 6 assists to the team in various competitions this season. Therefore, Barcelona, which has Lewandowski’s support, is even more optimistic about a smooth start to the championship journey.

In terms of Real Betis​ , this team is currently ranked 4th in the La Liga standings and defeated Vallecano 2-1 away in the last round of the league. However, Barcelona also defeated Atlético de Madrid in an away game in the same round of the league. In addition, Villarreal also upset the defending champion Real Madrid before, allowing Barcelona to lead the standings with a 3-point advantage. Therefore, in terms of competitive morale, Barcelona is indeed higher than Real Bedis.

On the other hand, Barcelona has achieved 6 wins and 1 loss against Real Betis nearly 7 times, while Real Betis has no record of winning the Spanish Super Cup.


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