South Korean Wonder Boy An Se-young Threatened Long Absence Until 2023
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South Korean Wonder Boy An Se-young Threatened Long Absence Until 2023

South Korean Wonder Boy An Se-young Threatened Long Absence Until 2023

The South Korean boy sensation, An Se-young, has a woeful fate. She has the implicit to take a long break due to a series of injuries since the 2022 Uber Cup. Several different names in the BWF’s top five dominate the women’s mates badminton sector.

Like the women’s mates Tai Tzu Ying from Chinese Taipei, Akane Yamaguchi representing Japan. Representatives of China, Chen Yu Fei and An Se- young who are South Korean women’s mates. Of them, An Se-young, the youthful, was born on February 5, 2002. Since joining the South Korean badminton elderly platoon, her figure has always been a concern with her slick appearance.

An Se- young also won the title of BWF’s stylish badminton athlete in 2019. In 2022 alone, An Se- young has won the 2022 Korea Open and the 2022 Malaysia Masters. In the end, An Se-young came the South Korean badminton women’s platoon to win the Uber Cup 2022. Indeed the immolation of An Se- young had to get successive injuries since the 2022 Uber Cup. Until the Japan Open 2022 final, she felt his injury relapse.

Launching from the Newsis runner, the South Korean original media said that An Se-young suffered a fairly serious injury. Where the South Korean dependence player suffered an injury in the ankle area

Anticipated An Se-young Comeback in 2023

Media Newsis estimates that An Se- young will return to playing badminton in May 2023. The reason is that he’ll aim for the 2024 Olympic qualifying points. Because after all, presently Se- young is the backbone of South Korea’s women’s mates badminton athlete. after Sung Ji- hyun decided to hang up the chatter.

As stated by An Se-young to The Daily Korea. The 20- time-old South Korean badminton player makes hard work without complaint the key to contending as an athlete.

” If you want to surpass (beat) top players. You have to work harder than ahead. The more you exercise, the results will follow.” said An Se-young.

likewise, Se-young admitted that he wanted to come a world champion that he hadn’t been suitable to achieve until now. That is, Se- young must be suitable to get past his rivals.

” There are still a lot of opponents I have not been suitable to beat. I can’t get past it yet. So, I can’t relax,” said An Se-young.


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