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Sorry Barcelona, Messi is happier at PSG | 77577sports

Sorry Barcelona, Messi is happier at PSG

Paris Saint- Germain (PSG) striker, Lionel Messi, tells of his playing experience in the Les Parisiens team in the2022/23 season. Messi admits he’s happier than last season.

Paris Saint- Germain brought in Lionel Messi for free in the summer of 2021. PSG hopes that his appearance will be suitable to have an instant impact on the frontal lines of Les Parisiens. But what happed was the contrary. Last season Messi was only suitable to score 11 pretensions and contributed 15 assists from 34 appearances in all competitions. This also makes Messi get review from numerous parties.

Paris Saint- Germain, which has numerous star players, forced Lionel Messi to train hard in order to contend with other players. Lionel Messi’s performance last season tended to be medium and it seems he still hasn’t rediscovered his sharpness.

Lucky for Lionel Messi because Paris Saint- Germain officers are still confident in his quality. They want Lionel Messi to stay at the Parc des tycoons in the summer of 2022. Because PSG believe the player is suitable to contribute a lot in the 2022- 23 season.

It was proven at the morning of this season, Messi appeared far emotional. The Argentine star has contributed 6 pretensions and 8 assists in just 11 appearances.

Messi admits he is comfortable at PSG

latterly, Messi admitted that his good performances this season were because he was presently happier at PSG. Messi didn’t deny that his closeness with other PSG players had made him veritably comfortable.

” Right now I feel fine. I feel veritably different when compared to last season,” Messi said as quoted by Tribal Football.

” I have said before that I have been through tough times. I am in a position where I can’t find myself.”

” This time is different. I come with a different mindset, feel more comfortable in the club, the dressing room, platoon- mates and the game on the pitch,” he concluded.

Now Lionel Messi remains concentrated on showing his stylish performance so that Paris Saint- Germain are interested in renewing his contract. Lionel Messi’s contract at PSG will expire in June 2023, but it’s possible that PSG will extend his contract if the player looks emotional.


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